Banking Fast Fact: BSA/AML Penalties

>$3.2 Billion

In 2012 – Regulatory agencies assessed fines and penalties against a number of institutions that exceeded $3.2 billion; the largest amount in BSA/AML penalties ever imposed over a one year period.

Read “Assessing Inherent BSA/AML Risk at Community Banks,” prepared by Community Banking Connections – a nationwide Federal Reserve System resource for community banks. The article concludes “Understanding an institution’s inherent risk is the first step in developing a strong BSA/AML compliance program, and getting it right has never been more challenging. At the same time, the stakes for noncompliance have increased. Banks with strong BSA/AML compliance programs have made ongoing risk assessment a priority for their institutions, included their BSA compliance officer in new product development discussions, and set the right tone at the top of the organization.”

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Current Regulatory Challenges
Enhancing the Risk Assessment
Enhancing Risk-Based Approaches to AML

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