Embrace Mobility While Addressing IT Concerns

Enterprise Strategy Group spoke with thousands of customers to learn how they viewed mobile computing. “55% of their survey respondents told them that mobile computing is very important to supporting employee productivity and 38% reported that they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without a mobile device.”

The Benefits of Embracing Mobility

So, how do they recommend organizations embrace mobility while addressing IT concerns?

Mobile Workspaces. Mobile workspace technology brings together:

App delivery for all types of apps (Windows, web, SaaS, and mobile)
Data sync and share
Secure mobile access
Any device access
Any network and any cloud support
Together, the combination of these technologies will deliver full business mobility while supporting IT’s requirement around security, management and so much more.

Want to learn more? Read the recent ESG Whitepaper Mobile Workspaces: Deliver the optimum user experience while enabling mobility and productivity.

The Mobility team at The Broadleaf Group can provide additional guidance with a no-cost assessment of your environment to see if this technology would enhance your business operations. Call 1-866-837-4103 or fill out the form in the right sidebar to get started.


Press Release: Houston, TX, November 10, 2015 – The Broadleaf Group attended the 2015 VMware Forum. The event gave participants the opportunity to learn about industry trends and speak to leaders in the IT field. The one-day conference provided information on cloud, virtualization and ways for organizations to enhance their IT systems.

The forum focused on increasing productivity of mobile and collaborative end users, as well as improving their quality of service. The presentations were divided into three categories: Business Mobility, Software and Hybrid Cloud Computing. Attendees learned about virtualization advancements across computing, storage, network and security. Additionally, the event showcased the agility enhancements made from software-defined enterprises. Primary attendees included Managers, Directors, Administrators and Developers from various areas of IT and a plethora of different companies.

“It was a pleasure to meet and speak with so many people who share our passion for IT. Collaborating with them on current issues and learning about their trials and successes make attending this event all the more worthwhile,” said Shawn Schouviller, Systems Practice Manager, Broadleaf Group.

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