Cisco Overhuals Flagship Video Conferencing Technology

Less is more was the theme of Cisco’s unveiling of the Cisco TelePresence® IX5000 series that provides a collaboration experience for 6 to 18 people. Less bandwidth – half that of previous versions and competitive three-screen systems. Less power – under 10 amps (that’s less than a hair dryer!).

Highlights of the Cisco® IX5000 series include:

Impressive multimedia experience. Cameras capture entire room. Whiteboard images are digitally corrected to enhance experience for remote participants. Multiple presentation sources can be viewed simultaneously and placed on any of the 70-inch screens. Theater-quality audio and microphone array provide crystal-clear audio.
Lower cost of ownership. Because the system requires much less bandwidth and power, companies will see reduced costs of operating system. The narrower size means there is no cost associated with modifying the conference room.
Simplification. The development team watched users of the older technology and made changes based on the frustrations they witnessed. Finding connection adapters was one sore spot. The team designed the new system with a universal video adapter that has connections for any device. WebEx was also integrated so participants could present cable-free.

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