Implement the Right Cloud Strategy for Your Organization

The Cloud Maturity Model guides the strategy for environment, operating procedures, and vision to determine the level of cloud adoption that’s right for your organization’s goals.

Develop a solution catered to the specific needs of your organization with a holistic approach that balances technology, business, and operational considerations.

A cloud strategy clearly defines the business outcomes you seek, and how you are
going to get there. Having a cloud strategy will enable you to apply its tenets quickly with fewer delays, thus speeding the arrival of your ultimate business outcomes.

– Gartner, July 2018


The Difference Experience Makes

Decades of experience with major IT vendors allow us to take a holistic view of your environment and implement proven, effective solutions. Intimate product knowledge coupled with an understanding of core business functions, allow us to position innovative and creative solutions to enhance your operations.

Our depth and breadth of real-world experience in large-scale environments enable us to assess, scope, and complete projects efficiently. Our architects work closely with your team to determine the solution that best fits your company’s needs and constraints. After implementation, our array of support options ensures your solution is in good hands.


Cloud Advisory Services from Broadleaf Group does more than simply sell cloud services. Clients need clear recommendations on a variety of options including cost, public vs. private, features, and more. As cloud solutions evolve, we provide options for modernizing applications and infrastructure to better leverage cloud services. In addition, we present a multiphase roadmap strategy to help rationalize your app portfolio to executive decision-makers.

Here’s what you can expect from Broadleaf Group:

Cost Reduction

You need to optimize technology budgets. We guide you through the overwhelming number of choices and find one that’s right for your situation and budget.

Meeting Your Specific Needs

You may have SLA, compliance, and TCO needs that demand a specific approach. We quickly narrow down the choices that fit and identify a handful of approaches for you to review.

Increased Efficiency

You don’t need to become an expert on every cloud solution capability. We’ll do the heavy lifting and match your needs to the right option.

Solutions Experts


Veeam Cloud Connect

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

SAN-to-SAN replication options

Hypervision-based replication (i.e. Hardware Agnostic)

Virtual Infrastructure (IaaS)

Public cloud

Private cloud

Hybrid cloud

SSD/SAS/SATA storage

Single and dual data center options available

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

VMware Desktop as a Service

Citrix Desktop as a Service

Persistent or dynamic

Public or private

Network & Security Services


Bandwidth options

Firewall and routing options

Intrusion detection and prevention

Professional Services

Cloud advisory services

Migration and implementation services

Windows server admin

Networking and security management

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