Breaking Up
is Hard to Do

Real-time change takes commitment and we are here to help get you through the difficult process. We help you become centered to reimagine and virtualize your tech stacks for limitless growth and possibility.

Software Defined Everything (SDx)

Remove your current constraints. Become a platform for growth. Envision an infrastructure that keeps up with accelerated change because you are now agile and flexible even in remote circumstances.

Service Highlights

Almost every conversation that top executives have with IT companies these days tends to have the phrase “Software Defined”. It is mostly understood that the capability of any piece of hardware is mostly defined by its software. Though this may be true, a lot of organizations tend to invest in the latest technology as a Capital Investment, which sometimes locks them into systems that do not change as quickly as software does.

Moving away from a hardware-defined mindset and toward a Software Defined Everything (SDx) model, your organization can turn IT into an ongoing Operating Expense, thus freeing you from the costs associated with large Capital Investments.

Our SDx network, will make you more agile as technology changes. You will be able to automate more of your technology solutions/services, simplify your IT resource needs, whilst increasing your ability to respond to opportunities a lot faster.

Our SDx Solutions include:

  • SDN (Software Defined Networking)
  • SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network)
  • SD Access (Software Defined Access)
  • SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure)
  • SDDC (Software Defined Data Center)
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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Reduce Costs – Move your IT budget from an expensive Capital Investments model to a more cost-effective and scalable Operating Expenses model.
  • Simplify – Reduce the complexity of your existing infrastructure and automate more tasks.
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  • Move to the Cloud – Migrate all or some of your data to a secure cloud service, thus shortening the delivery time and integration of new applications.
  • Secure Your Information – With up-to-date threat protection services, SDx solutions are always changing to keep your data safe.
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  • Control Access – Set security, filtering, and access levels automatically and accurately.
  • Centralize Monitoring – Manage all SD systems centrally, including your organization’s IT assets

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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Software Defined Everything (SDx)

  • Our IT consulting services can help you implement Software-defined Everything (SDX) for your enterprise network. This includes software-defined networking, storage, and computing, which provides a centralized and programmable network infrastructure that can be easily managed and configured. With SDX, your enterprise network can become more agile and flexible, allowing you to respond to changing business needs quickly and efficiently.

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