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Harness Technology and Innovation

Consulting with a focus in design and architecture uniquely positions entities that explore multiple environments and solutions to aggregate experiences in what works best given an organization’s needs.


Phase one: assess current IT systems and processes to identify areas of improvement. This may include reviewing current infrastructure, applications, and security protocols to assess effectiveness and identify any potential gaps or vulnerabilities.


Phase two: optimize current IT systems and processes to improve efficiency, reliability, and security. This may involve implementing new technology solutions, updating or developing new processes and polices to align with business goals.


Phase three: transformation of the IT environment. Typically the most extensive phase, involving significant changes to technology processes and culture to achieve success. This may included adopting new cloud-base solutions, implementing advanced analytics and automation tools or developing agile methodologies for improved responsiveness, flexibility, and scalability.


Phase four: driving innovation and continuous improvement within the IT environment. This may involve developing new products, services or initiatives; leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain; and continuous refining to optimize systems for cutting-edge advantages.

Areas of Focus

Turn IT assets into business advantages. Our experience and planning expertise combined with strong partnerships with best-in-class technology partners provide clients a single source for all their technology needs.

Advisory Services

  • IT consulting and strategic planning
  • IT governance, risk, and compliance management
  • Enterprise, web, and mobile technology implementation
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Managed Services

  • Managed security services
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Security solutions architecture
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Ongoing Support

  • Assessments and implementation
  • Routing and switching
  • Sd-WAN
  • Wireless
Icon design/architecture


  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency
  • Powerful application experiences and business continuity everywhere
  • Storage, backups and disaster recovery
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Lifecycle Management

  • Voice (Voice management, physical and virtual devices)
  • Video
  • Applications (Contact Center, File Sharing, Messaging, Video Meetings)
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Project Management

  • Greater agility, scalability and improved productivity
  • Ease of access to services and areas of expertise
  • Less downtime, faster recovery

Broadleaf Group Can Help


  • At Broadleaf Group we integrate sustainable solutions into everything we do and approach every project with a high-performance design strategy.
  • Broadleaf Group helps define strategic directions while focusing on bridging the gap between business requirements and the implementation of technology solutions.
  • Broadleaf Group will evaluate all business requirements and come up with solutions in the form of products and/or services. Once we are provided the project, our architects will not only find answers, we will actively drive the technical vision to success.
  • During the entire process, our specialists oversee all technological risks and make sure that the described solution proves to be consistent while meeting all the necessary requirements. We will coordinate ongoing activities and translate the design concept to IT operations. Throughout each project our architects resemble project managers who make sure that everyone involved, including the stakeholders, are on the same page and move in the right direction throughout all phases.

Project Management

  • Project Management at Broadleaf Group provides direction of technical expertise to achieve your business goals and empower informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Broadleaf Group respects your valuable calendar time with a customized, time-effective solution to keep you informed on projects by adjusting the communication plan to meet your needs.
  • Each step of the project from planning, risk management, scheduling, and organization to completion is aligned for optimal achievement using Broadleaf Group’s proven project management methodology.


  • Investment in the hardware and software that supports and drives your business is only the beginning of the IT lifecycle at Broadleaf Group.
  • Managing how it all gets set up, distributed, maintained, upgraded, and renewed takes significant resources from your team. Broadleaf’s lifecycle management services help your organization spend more time driving business growth. We help with everything else from planning and deployment to overall IT services management and ongoing support.

Best-In Class Technology Ecosystem

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