Barracuda Authorized Resellers in Houston, TX

Every function of your network deserves protection. Emails, linked devices, end-users, web usage, applications, and more are at constant risk from viruses, hackers, malware, spam, and associated threats interested in exploiting even minor vulnerabilities in your security parameters. Finding the right security solutions that are fit for seamless integration with your company’s infrastructure is easier said than done. That’s why working with a Barracuda authorized reseller in Houston, TX, like Broadleaf Group, guides your decision-making process, helps integrate your best fit solution and provides ongoing support for alignment and updates.

Barracuda Authorized Resellers in Houston, TXSecurity has always been the core focus of Broadleaf Group’s work. Since our inception, we’ve endeavored to approach every project, task, and solution from a security-driven mindset, delivering top-quality services that don’t take your system’s integrity for granted. That same passion for implementing the proper preventative measures, shoring up your security protocols, and investing in adaptable protective technologies shines through in every aspect of our company. Our goal is to see your organization thrive without having to worry about the looming threat of a continually evolving threat landscape lurking around every corner. Equipping you with the best-fit vendor for your company’s security needs, goals, and requirements is simply a part of the process.

Barracuda’s Security Solutions

Barracuda provides top-performance security solutions that embrace innovation, next-gen technology, and proactive preventative measures designed to tackle all cyberthreats, from emails to networks to reliable backups. Broadleaf Group is here to help you choose the right security solutions for your network, ensuring your architecture receives optimal integration practices for a truly seamless transition between your current framework and your new updated infrastructure.

Comprehensive Email Protection

Your email is one of the most obvious gateways for hackers to slip into your network. Compromised emails are growing in complexity, making them harder to identify and remove quickly should one slip through the cracks. Your users are incredibly vulnerable through their email service, which means incorporating preventative measures capable of preventing, detecting, and responding to all 13 unique email threat types is business-critical for your company’s image, credibility, and productivity.

Secure Your Applications

Simple, centralized application protection through a single interface enables your teams to easily monitor, track, and respond to incidents before they gain a foothold in your network. Barracuda helps provides application protective services such as:

  • Active threat intelligence
  • Advanced bot protection
  • DDoS protection
  • Client-side protection
  • API protection
  • Identity and access control

Next-Gen Firewalls

Legacy firewalls aren’t capable of measuring up to the demand, scale, or speed at which modern businesses operate, leading to vulnerabilities in your network for hackers to slip through. Barracuda’s next-gen firewalls stop sophisticated malware and viral attacks at the network edge, leveraging a multi-layered security approach to protect every aspect of your organization.

Prevent Data Loss

Your data is a priority target for hackers hoping to use it for their benefit. Downtime costs your company, which is why having reliable data backup contingencies in place both prevents hackers from holding your data hostage while enabling your operations to get back up to full force in as little time as possible. Whatever your environment, Barracuda can ensure your data is protected and secure for any catastrophic instance.

As the right Barracuda authorized reseller in Houston, TX, Broadleaf Group can make all the difference between choosing the optimal solutions and having trouble integrating your new technologies with your infrastructure. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.