Cisco TelePresence Resellers

The advent of emerging technologies, especially those that remove geographic barriers through immersive communication solutions, is defining a new business area. What used to be resolved impersonally over a phone call can now be done face-to-face, even if your teams are separated by thousands of miles across one or multiple countries. The opportunity to build new relationships with the assistance of Cisco TelePresence resellers incorporates a new meaning to collaboration within your company. Audio, video and in-depth immersion remove the notion that just because you’re working remotely means that you cannot contribute or function as an integral member of your team.

Cisco TelePresence Resellers

Broadleaf Group is a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, an accreditation earned through our dedicated expertise working with Cisco products and services. Rather than work with a third-party company with little to no personal experience integrating Cisco products or how to deliver solutions for infrastructures built using Cisco technologies, leveraging the services of a company well-versed in the variety of offerings available through Cisco offers a degree of reliability, customization, and dependable results. Not only do we employ the best industry professionals, our passion and drive to deliver custom-made solutions and seamlessly integrate Cisco technologies with your architecture are unmatched.

Evolving Collaboration

Broadleaf Group is a VAR, which entails a certain level of professional assistance when your company looks for new solutions to collaboration challenges. We take responsibility for handling the integration process, from hardware procurement to installing new technologies with your locations and systems. Deployments, UC architecture design, cloud solution implementation, and other solutions are essential services available through our collaboration services.

The process of renovating your current UC infrastructure requires dependable and creative solutions that source the best technologies fit for your organization. Suffice it to say; the market is swamped with potential offerings. Still, the vast majority of them don’t provide the level of enablement, immersion, or capability needed to streamline your company processes. Collaboration is a profoundly personal concept, and to truly realize a collaborative vision, you need solutions that bring every measure of that initiative to its full, rich conclusion.

So why does Cisco TelePresence have the answers you’re looking for? Depending on your needs, constraints, and objectives, the Cisco TelePresence System (CTS) can expand your boardroom across multiple locations, bridging the gap and connecting teams for an immersive experience. It’s an advanced video conferencing configuration that enables real-time collaboration, utilizing high definition video and high sound quality to blend two separate boardroom environments into one single virtual boardroom environment.

Cameras, video displays, microphones, speakers, and more contribute to a superior experience, mimicking a lifelike experience that introduces increased engagement, connection, and mobility for a unified operation. Various features such as low latency, crisp sound, and video quality, and large screen conference deployment provide critical benefits for your teams that would otherwise impede decision-making processes, project progression, and connectivity between team members.

Your company’s heart, soul, and drive depends on your employees working together with minimal friction and resistance. You might be able to make do without inclusive UC offerings, but your bottom line suffers in the long haul because of it. The right Cisco TelePresence resellers can introduce a robust collaboration solution into your company’s architecture, helping your teams perform their best and your executives to reconcile new company initiatives with real-time communication. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.