Fortinet Partner in Houston, TX

How confident are you in your security system? If you were to suddenly be assaulted by some of the most virulent and intrusive malware existing in the bowels of the internet, could you say with 100% certainty that your security parameters and response could effectively repel the attack? The problem with cyberthreats is that they’re always changing and evolving, much like actual viruses. Firewalls and similar security Fortinet Partner in Houston, TXmeasures? Not quite as much. Working with a Fortinet partner in Houston, TX can give your company the leg up it needs to protect its sensitive data.

The best firewall software on the market has to be able to effectively filter data, identify risks and threats, and prevent intrusions without hampering the operations of your company. The Fortinet FortiGate Next Generation Firewall is an innovative Fortinet firewall model designed to effectively integrate with hybrid and hyperscale IT architectures, providing stellar visibility, optimal user experience, and better managed security risk processes. The bottom line: Broadleaf Group has the access and authorization to upgrade your company where you need it most.

What Does “Next Generation Firewall” Mean?

Most firewall hardware has a few baseline aspects that the product has to abide by for adequate performance: packet filtering, network monitoring, IP mapping features, so on and so forth. What sets the Fortinet firewall model apart from its peers is how it expands on traditional features for greater security and operational efficiency.

You see, most firewall technology is incapable of scaling with evolving digital threats. They’re limited in how they can expand and grow as hardware, and given sufficient time will become obsolete, leaving your company vulnerable until you replace it with the newest model. Not only is it an inefficient process, it leaves your company unnecessarily open to attacks when you least expect it.

When examined with a Fortinet firewall comparison, the Fortinet Next Generation firewall embraces versatility and growth. Possessing deeper content inspection capabilities, the FortiGate model can identify attacks, malware, and other threats for pre-emptive blocking, proactively defending your database from any incidents.

More importantly, however, is how Fortinet designed the Fortigate firewall technology to grow. This includes paths for future updates that enable flexibility to conform to new standards and combat new threats as they arise, staying relevant for your company’s security needs for years longer than competing models.

Broadleaf Group’s Services

As a VAR, Broadleaf Group helps provide enhanced services while reselling technology, including assisting your IT department with implementing new technology and how to best incorporate it into your company’s infrastructure. We provide extensive Fortinet firewall training online, ensuring your IT teams are fully versed in best practices and policies regarding any Fortinet products.

Our Network Practice Group stays on top of the newest technology trends, expanding their knowledge base to help you optimize your network performance. This includes providing essential expertise and services in a variety of IT categories, including:

  • Assessments and implementation
  • Routing and switching
  • Wireless
  • Firewalls
  • WAN/LAN optimization

At Broadleaf Group, you’re in the hands of one of the best Fortinet partners in Houston, TX. Ensuring you are provided with the right solutions, including assisting you with choosing the best Fortinet web security options and hardware for your company, is an instrumental part of what makes our company dedicated to seeing yours succeed. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.