Security Benefits of SD-WAN

As your business grows, so does the amount of data that needs to be transmitted between offices. This can lead to slower speeds and a less-than-ideal user experience, resulting in reduced productivity, communication, and safety. The cloud is an invaluable resource, but leveraging its faculties to your organization’s advantage needs better solutions than a legacy network system can provide. SD-WAN technology can help you overcome these issues while also providing enhanced security for your network. The security benefits of SD-WAN alone make it a commendable upgrade compared to outdated traditional frameworks, ensuring you can keep your promises to your customers for safely managing their sensitive data at all times.

Security Benefits of SD-WANMany organizations today are looking to adopt SD-WAN to improve the performance and resilience of their network connectivity. However, SD-WAN also introduces new security risks that need to be managed. Broadleaf Group has the experience and expertise to help organizations integrate SD-WAN into their existing security architecture to minimize risk and maximize performance. Our solutions are designed to provide visibility and control over traffic flows, identify and block malicious traffic, and encrypt data in transit. It’s a lot of work, which is more reason to partner with a VAR who understands how integral security is to your organization’s growth and development.

How Does SD-WAN Amplify Protections?

In today’s digital world, data is everything. It helps us understand our customers, make better decisions, and drive our businesses forward. But as our reliance on data has grown, so too has the threat landscape. Hackers are now more sophisticated than ever before, and they’re constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in both legacy and modern network solutions. As a result, enterprises must be ever vigilant in their efforts to protect their data.

Compared to contemporary options, legacy network solutions aren’t up to safeguarding against today’s threats. They lack the visibility and control needed to identify and mitigate attacks, leaving organizations exposed to many risks. Modern hackers are well aware of this fact, and they’re increasingly targeting these older systems to take advantage of overlooked vulnerabilities, misalignments, and other security gaps.

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated hackers and cyber threats, allowing your organizations’ systems to continue under a legacy system is a ticking time bomb. SD-WAN elevates your security stature by utilizing purpose-built solutions for today’s threats. They offer better protection against advanced attacks, and they’re much easier to deploy and manage. Fast response is critical, and SD-WAN encompasses the utilities vital for allowing your teams to accurately identify, pinpoint, and remediate threats before they compromise your data. This is possible due to a few key features available through SD-WAN network frameworks.

  • Scalable, centralized security
  • Remote location traffic prioritization
  • Immediate virtual firewall deployment
  • Traffic encryption and firewalls
  • Zero-touch provisioning and intuitive segmentation

Streamlining work processes and removing the margin for human error is essential for network security as any other aspect of your cybersecurity policy. SD-WAN networks are designed to leverage the cloud better and empower your workforce to work more efficiently through controlled, optimized channels.

Broadleaf Group was founded as a security solutions provider. While our services have branched out since then, we have never taken our eye off what matters: your organization’s safety. You want someone who fully understands the security benefits of SD-WAN in your corner. So give Broadleaf Group a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.