Unified Communications as a Service

While nearly everyone has a personal cell phone now, the need for secure and effective UC remains imperative. You’re not just creating a communications infrastructure for your internal use; you need an accessible framework that connects your representatives with your audience. Unified Communications as a service goes beyond simple phone lines – it addresses core collaborative hurdles that prevent your organization from actualizing its resources and expertise efficiently. Rather than rely on multiple separate channels to handle your communication, UC uses a singular digital-based information system that reduces latency, manages flows, and decreases dependencies on various devices and media available to your organization.

Unified Communications as a ServiceUC as a concept is like an umbrella in nature, much like any comprehensive service offering available through a reputable IT solutions provider. By that very same sentiment, there’s an entire market of providers looking to sell their products to your company in the interest of giving you the best power and flexibility for your buck. Sifting through what’s available and picking out what’s the best fit for your company is a mountain unto itself, which is where Broadleaf Group comes in. We’re trained to identify, procure, and implement the right solutions with extra value added for your company.

Our Unified Communications Offerings

There are plenty of reasons why you can’t just use your smartphones to handle business-centric matters. For one, your employees would have to expose their personal information, which is ineffective and improper for business usage. Still, there are more pertinent reasons why a UC architecture does more than your average smartphone.

For starters, there’s no way to secure personal line connections. UC is encrypted to ensure all communication is safe from cyber threats, a preventative feature that’s much harder to deploy when it comes to personal devices. Then you have to factor in your company’s growth potential, rendering the need for manageable, scalable devices capable of evolving with your infrastructural development. A dedicated UC infrastructure expands on your collaborative ability without compromising safety, efficiency, flexibility, or low-cost value.

Finding a frictionless solution is another thing entirely. Broadleaf Group’s Unified Communications Practice Group provides a level of care and integration ideal for normalized operational and product procurement costs while reducing support and infrastructure expenditures. Our collaboration solutions are implemented with your unique architecture in mind, offering personalized solutions that integrate with other business applications. Such solutions may include:

  • Voice (phones, hard phones, soft clients)
  • Video (desktop, room-based, high-definition command and control)
  • Applications (Cisco WebEx, Jabber, Contact Center, Microsoft Lync integration, and Fax over IP)

Superior Expertise and Experience

Your infrastructure is in good hands. We employ some of the industry’s leading professional engineers, technicians, and architects to plan, design, and deploy custom-built solutions for each of our customers. Our quality of service is a high bar to live up to, which is why our solutions experts are trained in multiple areas of expertise, delivering top-quality results. These areas include:

  • Unified Communications on UCS
  • Cloud-based UC, video, collaboration
  • Presence/Jabber/MS Lync integration
  • Advanced contact centers (customer-facing, internal, revenue-generating)
  • Large-scale UC upgrades and deployments (30,000+ endpoints)
  • PBX integration/migration

Finding the right solution isn’t a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Broadleaf Group’s Unified Communications as a service gives your company a competitive advantage, enabling team members to collaborate more easily and securely from any location. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.