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Rest easy knowing you have a team of cybersecurity experts monitoring your network and ready to respond to potential threats in real time.

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Focus on your core business knowing your network is under lock and key with a high level of security protection. A Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) is like having a personal security guard standing outside your door. A combination of sophisticated machine learning, AI, and behavioral analytics continually monitors and identifies potential threats. All of this is happening under the watchful eyes of cybersecurity experts who stand at the ready should your network be met with an uninvited intruder. Broadleaf Group’s expertise in implementing a SOCaaS strategy will help you save time and money while ensuring your business is protected from the proliferation of threats bombarding companies.

Service Highlights

Security Operations as a service (SOCaaS) is services that monitor logs, devices, clouds, network, and assets for internal IT Security teams. This service provides organizations with cybersecurity talent that have the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats.

A well-developed and well-run security operations center (SOC) can help strengthen the security posture of any business. building and maintaining an effective SOC in-house can be costly and complex. SOC as a Service provides your organization with a cost-effective alternative.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Organizations acquire SOCaaS when they want a comprehensive security service that covers their entire security technology stack and all teams that are involved with cybersecurity (security operations, threat intelligence, data forensics, incident response, threat hunting, etc).
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  • SOCaaS services are used to establish a proactive security posture.
  • Provides a comprehensive security monitoring 24×7. Security monitoring of advanced cyber threats across on-premise networks, public cloud environments, SaaS applications, and endpoints.
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  • SOCaaS services stays ahead of the latest threats. Detects emerging and evolving threats with continuously updated threat intelligence.
  • SOCaaS services identify and validate threats, working with your incident response team to guide and automate response and remediation.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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Security Operations as a Service (SOCaaS)

  • The Broadleaf Group can assist in optimizing an organization’s protections, detection, and response capabilities through continual assessment and reporting, including guidance on security strategies and policies.
  • Collaborative environments demand that software and service be up to date. Broadleaf Group can help to mitigate any issues arising with the lifecycles of hardware and software to make sure your security is never at risk.

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