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We feel the need – the need for speed. Let’s talk about the modern officeplace and how providing secure bandwith in our data-driven world is key. We can be your change agent if you are ready to get disruptive.

Enterprise Wireless

We can help you carry the burden. As data-loads increase, data transfer rates decrease. With the right configuration, you can be the superhero in this story – strong enough to handle connecting everyone, to everything, from everywhere.

Service Highlights

Rethinking the network architecture and finding solutions for the end-to-end user experience are necessary as hybrid work emerges as the new standard by enabling everyone and everything to connect from anywhere. In order to create a workplace where consumers and employees may feel secure and productive, an intelligent network is essential. The workplace is changing as a result of more immersive applications, a greater use of IoT devices, and a greater emphasis on sustainability goals as the workforce grows more widely dispersed.

Our wireless network solutions feature a secure, scalable wireless architecture that is simpler to implement and administer because they are designed for a digital environment. Our Enterprise Wireless can expand with your company, whether it is a major enterprise or a small to medium-sized firm.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Configuration and Management: Setting up a wireless network for your business is simple. With the help of our WLAN solutions, controllers, switches, or managers, you can configure just one access point—a wireless device—and the configuration can be applied to all other access points. This provides you the benefit of central management.
  • Guest Access: Businesses might need to provide internet facility for their guests. For this purpose, they will need to separate guest traffic from employee traffic, which will also provide information on who uses the wireless network. Our solution can provide a Captive Portal, where guests can register or log-on via their social media account, which saves the hassles of managing guest networks such as creating temporary user accounts, etc.
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  • Security: It is essential to protect your corporate wireless network to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to it. Most enterprise wireless solutions offer user authentication and encryption options. This may be enough for a home Wi-Fi setup, but corporate networks have additional concerns. Your employees will use different devices to login, so it is essential to simultaneously support various security options.
  • Our enterprise wireless solutions scan and protect your network from security dangers by detecting attacks and interference on all channels. They accomplish this automatically, without the need for human intervention.
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  • Support for Mobility: To cover your entire office premises you would need multiple access points. Employees are sure to move around the building and outdoor areas as they work. As a result, they will move from one access point to another, and it is essential that their connection does not drop in the process. There should be seamless handover, especially for video and VoIP, therefore support for fast roaming and mobility is most important.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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Enterprise Wireless

  • Our IT consulting services can help you deploy and manage enterprise wireless networks, ensuring that your employees and customers have reliable and secure wireless access to your network resources. We can help you design, implement, and manage your wireless infrastructure to support the growing demands of your business.

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