What Could Be

Innovation that lessens the demand on your current technology structures, bolstering your IT foundation for future business endeavors and growth.


Our team is an extension of your team. Trusting your IT with us ensures that we are prepared and proactive every day. We have the ability to notice and understand things about your network quickly and efficiently, which directly translates into providing you with the best network protection possible. Placing your trust in us is not a responsibility we take lightly.

We architect the best possible solutions for your IT ecosystem. Broadleaf group is vendor agnostic, allowing us to select the most strategically aligned solution from our portfolio of best-in-class technology partners.

Service Highlights

A foundation of proven design and reliable architecture is required for any initiative.

Consulting, with a focus in design and architecture, uniquely positions businesses that explore multiple environments and solutions. This enables a collection of experiences that result in providing the best results for an organization’s needs.

Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Our approach produces a strategy that is custom designed to fit our client’s need, taking their vision for the future into account.
  • In today’s landscape, organizations are looking to reduce spend and free up cycles anywhere they can. This translates to better utilization of resources and enabling those resources to focus on other initiatives that could better the customer experience, enable operational efficiencies, and skyrocket the organization to the next level.
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  • Consistency and repeatable process is key to efficiency and shorter ramp-up time for support staff.
  • Clients benefit from the exposure to many different environments. What works in one environment, may not work for another.
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  • Methodology to design and architecture is to keep things simple and only as complex as they need to be. This results in a straight-forward architecture that takes coexistence, implementation, supportability, budget, flexibility, scalability and forward vision into consideration.
  • Phased approach enables an implementation strategy to align with the organization’s unique circumstance.

Broadleaf Group Can Help


  • Our approach produces a strategy that is custom designed to fit our client’s need, taking their vision for the future into account.
  • Broadleaf Group can assist with these considerations and more, including technology alignment, business and technical justification, implementation strategies, and day-to-day support considerations.

Best-In Class Technology Ecosystem

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