On-prem. Off-prem. One Window Pane.

Integration is the name of the game with a converged infrastructure that gives you the best of both worlds.

Converged Infrastructure

You have enough to manage in your business. Simplify your IT infrastructure management with a hybrid IT solution that lets you control on-premise and cloud resources through a single pane of glass. Broadleaf Group’s expertise will guide your converged infrastructure strategy to streamline your IT operations and maximize your resources.

Service Highlights

We offer solutions that help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure, including converged infrastructure services. Converged infrastructure is a type of IT architecture that combines computing, storage, and networking into a single system.

Our converged infrastructure services provide businesses with the necessary tools to streamline their technology infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve performance. We assess our client’s current infrastructure, design and implement converged infrastructure solutions that meet their specific needs, and provide ongoing management and support to ensure that their systems continue to operate smoothly.

Our expert consultants leverage industry best practices to ensure that our clients’ converged infrastructure systems are optimized for performance, reliability, and scalability. With our converged infrastructure services, clients can reduce the complexity of their technology infrastructure, improve system performance, and reduce costs, enabling them to focus on their core business operations.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Servers.
  • Storage.
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  • Datacenter refreshes.
  • Networking.
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  • Time is limited and resources are scarce to perform the research and architecture of days past. Companies need turn-key methods of ordering their equipment knowing it will just work.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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Converged Infrastructure

  • We can help you design, implement, and manage converged infrastructure solutions that combine computing, storage, and networking resources into a single platform. Our expertise in converged infrastructure can help you improve resource utilization, reduce costs, and simplify management.

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