Scope. Schedule. Savings.

Understanding requirements. Developing an all-encompassing plan where nothing gets overlooked. Managing the details and delivering the milestones. That’s how we ensure projects are on-time, in scope, and within budget.

IT Project Management

What if your complex IT project was headache free? What if unexpected problems were efficiently managed, thus reducing costs and delays? Our team of certified problem-solvers and strategic thinkers combine proven methodology, innovative technology solutions, and hard work to manage your project and keep it running smoothly – as planned.

Service Highlights

Project Management is an approach to managing a project within critical success factors. These factors include the triple constraint of scope, schedule, and cost. Project deliverables and requirements are discovered in the Initiating process and written into a Scope of Work that is used throughout the project for the Planning, Monitoring & Controlling, Executing, and Closing processes.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • With Project Management, team collaboration and effectiveness increases. Re-work is reduced.
  • Project Management identifies roadblocks to provide remediation efficiently, ensuring accurate and on-time completion.
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  • Communication among project stakeholders is enhanced with Project Management, so expectations and objectives are met.
  • Project Management ensures that deliverables are provided and proven at project closing.
  • Timelines and budgets are managed routinely.
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  • Organized plan for project completion.
  • Monitored and mitigated project risks.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Increased efficiency.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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Project Management

  • Project Management is a cornerstone for any successful project. Broadleaf Group’s project management methodology brings a realistic and focused approach to every single project. This approach enables an efficient alignment of people, process, and technology toward the common goal of project completion. Broadleaf stands out with Project Management in tow by delivering impactful results that are within scope, on schedule, and in budget.
  • Broadleaf Group Project Management directs projects with control and purpose, resulting in improved productivity and less time spent in meetings. Because communication is key on any project, Broadleaf’s communication frequency is based on the needs of the customer and may include Daily Updates, Weekly Summary Meetings, and/or Project Status Update Reports.
  • Each Broadleaf Group project schedule is developed with the customer’s timeframe in mind to ensure completion is planned appropriately.
  • Broadleaf Group Risk Mitigation is centered on previewing known risks while monitoring for unknown risks throughout the lifecycle of the project, providing peace of mind.
  • Broadleaf Group embraces a formal Project Management Change Process to ensure that there are no surprises for any client, at any point in the project.

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