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With a clear understanding of your data storage needs and careful planning, a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure will provide secure and seamless access to your digital assets.


Your data storage strategy is as unique as your organization. Broadleaf Group will design a hybrid cloud storage architecture that meets your specific needs. Streamline your storage and get the benefits of scalability, cost-effective options, anywhere/anytime access, and peace of mind knowing robust security measures are in place.

Service Highlights

The area of storage is broad, as it includes spinning disks, solid state drives, tape, tape libraries, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and virtual SANs. Service providers can provide Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offerings which can provide low-latency, hosted storage solutions that do not require data center resources. STaaS can also provide services for long-term cold storage, replacing legacy media such as WORM and tape drives.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Servers.
  • Backup to tape, disk, or Cloud service.
  • SANs.
  • STaaS: Amazon S3 data lake and Glacier, Azure Data Lake, Google Cloud Storage.
  • Ransomware recovery.
  • Compliance and audit.
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  • For traditional on-premise deployments, constantly improving technology creates an environment for faster processor systems to run on fewer pieces of hardware This can reduce updates, licensing, HVAC, and colocation (colo) costs.
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  • Cloud deployments release IT from the burden of managing hardware replacements/refreshes while reducing the data center footprint, benefitting power and HVAC requirements.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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  • We can help you design, implement, and manage hybrid IT storage solutions that combine on-premise storage with cloud storage. Our expertise in storage architecture and deployment can ensure that your data is stored efficiently and securely and that your applications and workloads have the necessary performance and availability.

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