Safety & Trust: Non-negotiable.

Stakeholders trust you to protect their information. Safeguarding those assets are paramount to maintaining that trust. How confident are you in your solutions?

Data Protection

Specialized expertise is a must when implementing the right technology and services that identify vulnerabilities and threats to your data. Ensure your data is protected from the onslaught of cyber threats that can lead to financial losses, reputation damage, and legal consequences.

Service Highlights

We offer a range of solutions designed to help businesses achieve optimal data protection. Our services are aimed at helping companies keep their sensitive information safe and secure from unauthorized access, theft, and other security threats.

Overall, our data protection services are designed to help businesses maintain the integrity of their sensitive data, regardless of the challenges they face. Our expert IT consulting services give companies the confidence that their data is protected from any threats that may arise.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Data Protection is a part of many frameworks and legal regulations with specific requirements that encourage organizations to classify and protect data (SOC2, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR).
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  • This solution adds layers of security using data protection policies for each file.
  • Focuses on data at rest, in use, and in transport.
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  • Objective: Provide a unified data management experience, from core to cloud, within an organization’s network.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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Data Protection

  • Our IT security consulting services can help you protect your sensitive data, including customer and employee information, intellectual property, and financial data. We can help you implement data protection solutions that provide encryption, backup and recovery, and data loss prevention capabilities.

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