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Scalability. Innovation. Speed. Consumption. Bringing together the best of on-premises benefits coupled with cloud-based services for agile and dynamic workplaces.

Hybrid IT Services

Innovate. Experiment. Create. Reduce your IT spend and pay for what you use. You can quickly respond to changing circumstances and business needs by easily scaling up or down, reducing waste, and decreasing costs. Sound too good to be true? Broadleaf Group can show you how. Let’s talk about where you are on your IT journey and where you would like to be.

Level 0:

This organization has no cloud presence and may follow a more conservative approach to cloud adoption and run purely in a traditional on-premises model.

  • Critical asset protection
  • Microsegmentation and zero trust

Level 1:
Introduction to Cloud

This organization has some cloud presence and may seek guidance for the next stage of the environment’s evolution such as:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Storage-as-a-Service

Level 2:
Hybrid Adoption

This organization has a much higher focus in cloud presence which encompasses consumption concepts from level 1 plus:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-asa-Service)
  • IPaaS (Integration platform-as-a-Service)
  • Lift and shift of existing virtual workloads
  • Cloud as a traffic bridgeheads/hubs

Level 3:
Cloud Native

This organization embodies the preceding levels in addition to:

  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • Standardization on containerized microservices across multi-cloud providers
  • Continuous improvement based on metrics collected for the management of information technology and enhanced business intelligence

Areas of Focus

Turn IT assets into business advantages. Strengthened by our best-in-class technology partners, our experience and planning expertise provide clients with a single source for all their technology needs.

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  • Operating effectively and efficiently through choice and size
  • Matching the right type of compute for optimal performance
  • Greater responsiveness
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  • Efficiently and cost effectively store data, reducing IT spend
  • Retrieve data and use as needed for business growth
  • Protecting data: your most valuable asset
Icon virtualization


  • Increased capacity
  • Gained efficiencies
  • Mobility and portability, no longer tethered to physical hardware
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Cloud Security

  • On-demand, only pay for what you use
  • Greater flexibility, no more wasted capacity
  • Convert capital expenditures to variable expenses
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Converged Infrastructure

  • Optimized, Streamlined, and uniformed data center management
  • Improved network performance and non-disruptive scaling
  • Repeatable and simplified deployments for easier upgrades
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Backup & Recovery

  • Access available at any time, from anywhere
  • Reduced recovery time, chosen recovery point
  • Decreased burden and peace of mind

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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  • Our approach produces a strategy that is custom designed to fit our client’s needs, taking their vision for the future into account. Storage has been around almost as long as compute, but approaches and technologies in recent years have revolutionized options available for clients seeking to move past yesterday’s limitations and burdens.
  • Broadleaf Group can assist with these considerations and more, including technology alignment, business, and technical justification, implementation strategies, and day-to-day support considerations.
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Project Management

  • Project Management is a cornerstone of any successful project. Broadleaf Group’s project management methodology brings a realistic and focused approach to all projects including alignment of people, process and technology toward a common goal of project completion on-time and on-budget.
  • Broadleaf Group organizes all aspects of project management to ensure the following elements are optimized: efficiency, timelines, risk mitigation, communication, scheduling, cost analysis, and change management.
Frontview of technician stands with a laptop in front of servers


  • Information technology lifecycle and operations are critical components with a focus on the technical aspects of supporting an environment. This covers business justification for proposed changes and upgrades to technology, the lifecycle for hardware and software, and the supportability of day-to-day management. Broadleaf Group has the experience and expertise to assist with all aspects of the IT lifecycle.

Best-In Class Technology Ecosystem

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