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Everybody’s doing it! Why? Scalability, cost savings, accessibility, reliability, security, flexibility, and competitive advantage.


The benefits are many. The move to cloud solutions is inevitable. Where do you begin? Businesses are at various stages of cloud adoption and knowing where you are in this journey is the first step to taking advantage of cloud technology perks. Broadleaf Group specializes in guiding cloud strategy. From consultation to migration, we ensure your current infrastructure transitions seamlessly to cloud-based services that meet your needs.

Service Highlights

Cloud is the modern-day hosting of services without the classic limitations in provisioning, capacity, performance, or scale. Cloud is generally any server or service that companies once deployed in-house or hosted in a data center available via the Internet or a private network. Cloud services are on-demand and auto-provisioned, reducing or eliminating legacy constraints felt by consumers of “hosted” solutions.

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Service Value and Use Cases

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  • Servers.
  • Databases and storage repositories.
  • Desktops.
  • Storage replacement, augmentation and/or tiering.
  • Data center reduction or elimination.
  • Networking.
  • Phones and PBXs.
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  • Just about any service needed is likely available in a Cloud offering.
  • Hardware must be manufactured, built, shipped, procured, received, inventoried, installed, and in most cases, cooled.
  • Cloud solutions do away with all the headaches by enabling organizations to have greater agility and shift expensive CapEx projects to OpEx subscription-based solutions with higher fault-tolerance built-in.
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  • Organizations, once shackled by hardware requirements, can launch new services as quickly as they can establish access to a service provider and start building services.

Broadleaf Group Can Help

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  • Our IT consulting services can help you adopt cloud computing, enabling you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud, including scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. We can help you design, deploy, and manage cloud solutions that meet your specific business needs, including public, private, and hybrid clouds.

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