Arctic Wolf Incident Response

A successful cyber-attack gives your organization a limited window to act before irreparable damage is caused to your architecture. Data, devices, channels, and more are at risk, with no other organization available to carry the onus of responsibility than your own. With your reputation on the line, ensuring that you can do everything possible to respond to each incursion appropriately means the difference between a minor inconvenience and a failed business. The implementation of Arctic Wolf incident response offers a critical advantage that your organization can leverage through a qualified security solutions provider like Broadleaf Group.

Arctic Wolf Incident ResponseWe founded our company on the understanding that every solution we offer pulls from a security-driven mindset. Our service packages have expanded since the early days of our founding, but we will never waiver on the core principles that guide our organization’s success and ethics. Quality service comes from reputable providers. Our history of success with countless partners illustrates how true that statement is. We aim to provide the same stellar treatment for your organization, protecting your holistic IT environment from threats.

The “R” in MDR

Broadleaf Group leverages Arctic Wolf’s Managed Detection and Response solution to extend visibility and insight into your network by providing continuous monitoring of your entire attack surface. Considering the array of threats presented through the cloud, deploying a managed approach to detection, response, and recovery from modern cyber threats is critical for identifying and rectifying threats before they pose a genuine risk to your architecture.

Detecting a risk agent as soon as possible ensures you’re always apprised of the latest threats to your network, but it doesn’t serve much use if you have no effective means to respond to the threat. To improve how effectively you’re able to provide to an identified cyberattack, the Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response solution provides three notable benefits:

  • Managed Investigations
  • Log Retention and Search
  • Incident Response

Broadleaf Group’s security services ensure your network receives detailed attention from industry-leading experts. When appropriately responding to a threat alert, we know how best to leverage the right MDR solution at the right time.

Managed Investigations

Not every alert your teams receive will be genuine. The frequency of false positives, alert fatigue, and wasted time means that your cybersecurity strategy will be strained to keep up with all the alerts across your system. With our help, your teams can focus on business-critical tasks, leaving the investigation of suspicious activity to our teams instead.

Log Retention and Search

Log management is time-consuming and exhausting. The Arctic Wolf MDR solution processes log data in real-time to streamline the process with minimal input from your employees. As a result, less time is spent on tedious administrative work and allows your teams to search up relevant data on your time.

Incident Response

As soon as a credible threat appears on your doorstep, rapid incident response times are critical to prevent collateral damage to your organization or your customers. With our help, you can shorten that response time to mere minutes.

Regarding Arctic Wolf incident response, you’ll find no better solution than with Broadleaf Group. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.