Arctic Wolf MDR

The traditional legacy tools and technologies that have been staples for cybersecurity programs for years are, in many cases, no longer sufficient to protect your network against all threats. They lack the capacity, sophistication, and complexity needed to comprehensively adapt to every variable that can conceivably put your IT environment at risk. With the expansion of cloud environments, your organization needs to integrate next-gen cybersecurity solutions that possess the degree of actionable, preventative measures needed for holistic infrastructure protection. Arctic Wolf MDR aims to resolve critical cybersecurity weaknesses that are not appropriately addressed by dated technologies, strategies, and solutions.

Arctic Wolf MDRThe Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response solutions, shortened to MDR, provide cybersecurity providers with the right tools for better, faster deployment to identify and rectify an impending cyber assault on your network. It’s a tool, essentially, and a tool is only as effective as the professional wielding it. Our cybersecurity analysts and engineers at Broadleaf Group have a complete and intimate understanding of the Arctic Wolf MDR solution’s role in elevating your security posture for better detection, response, and recovery. We’re giving your organization a vital edge in overcoming common cybersecurity challenges, giving your internal teams the leverage to improve IT security performance at a cost-competitive rate.

Tackling the Critical Challenges

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response solutions are engineered to protect your infrastructure through the cloud, utilizing the industry’s only cloud-native platform for concierge security operations services. The cloud operates on a completely different level than legacy security solutions are designed to handle, acting faster, with more significant traffic and a larger attack surface that dated technologies can compensate for. Using cloud-native security solutions enables you to receive the full benefits of round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring and an improved managed approach for detection and remediation.

It’s the ideal solution for the modern cyberthreat landscape. This technology, combined with Broadleaf Group’s 4-stage cybersecurity maturity model approach, enables our teams to provide better, more attentive service while overcoming the cybersecurity industry’s traditional challenges. Namely, the race to detect modern, sophisticated threats quickly reduces overall budgetary liability and avoids bloating your workforce with more hired employees.

Many companies face a shortage of solutions that can effectively protect their infrastructure, investments, workforce, and clientele. The market is flooded with security solution providers who charge too much for too little. Broadleaf Group was founded on the belief that our partners deserve effective solutions while maintaining or lowering the overall cost of investing in new technology. The principles that guide our work ethic align our goals with yours, creating a seamless partnership with your needs and constraints poised as a central focus for all ongoing projects.

Your organization’s success and safety come first. The Arctic Wolf MDR solution is just one tool we have expertise in. With our vendor-agnostic approach, we’re able to procure just about any solution from various venues, ensuring we can pair you with the best offerings at a price within your budget.

Broadleaf Group’s work with Arctic Wolf MDR solutions provides both our and your engineers greater visibility and control over your organization’s security stature. With better response times and the ability to identify credible threats, optimized security policies and practices can be better implemented to remove the threat from your systems appropriately. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.