Aruba Networks Reseller in Houston, TX

The direction of the modern workplace has steadily gravitated towards a decentralized architecture in recent years. While many companies still have uses for communal office spaces, many employees do not have job responsibilities that necessitate physical attendance. Remote working environments enable innovation, allowing companies to pull from larger talent pools while reducing overall costs and promoting employee satisfaction. Aruba Networks reseller in Houston, TX, Broadleaf Group, possess the needed expertise to enable massive change within an organization, broadening the protective scope of their network for embracing remote workers while aligning new business goals with digital innovation initiatives.

Aruba Networks Resellers in Houston, TXCultivating a network that’s capable of supporting both remote workers and on-premise employees without sacrificing security, visibility, connectivity, communication, or various other features is a challenge in itself. Broadleaf Group has spent years helping companies bolster their network security parameters, leveraging SD-WAN architectures, powerful data compilation tools, broad-spectrum visibility services, and other solutions to optimize productivity while cutting costs. Aruba thrives in a world of digital innovation, providing a complete catalog of resources essential for bringing your company’s network architecture to a new level. With Broadleaf Group’s help, making the best choices and understanding how to best implement them is faster, easier, and more efficient.

Securing Your Network Edge with Edge-to-Cloud Services

Whether your employees are near or far, every one of them will need to interact with the internet daily. End-to-end user protection is a cornerstone of an effective business strategy, but it’s a feat that’s easier said than done. Not only are you responsible for safeguarding and improving your workforce’s regular online experience through advanced protection measures and streamlined communication, you’re responsible for your security solutions as well. They must simultaneously provide broad visibility and insight across a decentralized network, authority access restriction and assignment in response to new information, and a superior threat response system capable of immediate incident identification, remediation, and containment.

Zero Trust Security

Every user and device that connects to your network must be thoroughly vetted before it’s provided with any meaningful access to your resources. A Zero Trust security model functions on a few key elements:

  • Visibility
  • Authentication
  • Policy-based access authorization
  • Attack detection and response

Aruba provides a complete suite of functions that enable consistent monitoring, restricted access points, and incident response to compartmentalize network functions for minimal risk to your data. By managing your sphere of influence and vulnerability through carefully tended user and device access, maintaining a safe and effective network is achievable.

Dynamic Segmentation

Mobility is an essential aspect of a company’s efficiency, but the network edge presents a tradeoff between user movement and security. Traditional wired connections and the like aren’t capable of driving quick access between users and every business-critical application, but wireless options on the network edge are more vulnerable to attacks. Dynamic segmentation is essential for securing your wired and wireless connections, simplifying administrator tasks and operations while enhancing the user experience and overall device security and visibility.

Comprehensive Integration

A versatile network enables easy third-party integration without exposing your network to untested, unreliable authentication processes. As an Aruba Networks reseller in Houston, TX, Broadleaf Group can help your company set up the infrastructure required to streamline security solutions through the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, enabling a fast response to new information to adjust and update user and device access as needed automatically. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.