Authorized Aruba Reseller

The online space will, forever and always, be swarming with cyberthreats. As the digital landscape continues to thrive and evolve in complexity, all correlating viruses, malware, ransomware, and other dangerous entities will have a place within it. It’s the nature of the internet, which is why taking proactive, preventative security measures to maintain the integrity of your data, network infrastructure, and end-to-end users are effectively safeguarded against any malicious threats.

Authorized Aruba ResellerLeveraging Aruba products provides security enablement across your company’s entire attack surface, but attempting to implement their technologies and services on your own may exceed your budget without maximizing potential gain. However, with the assistance of an experienced Aruba reseller, your internal teams will receive the support, training, strategy development, and expertise needed to fully protect your assets.

As an established Aruba reseller, Broadleaf Group is dedicated to supporting your company’s infrastructure with value-added services, providing the resources, education, and assistance vital for optimizing your security network. Adapting your current framework to the changing threats and demands brought on by the digital landscape can be an intimidating challenge on your own. Ensuring your company receives premium-quality care, attention, and guidance is a defining cornerstone of our methodology.

With You Every Step of the Way

Your network edge is one of the most critical aspects of your company’s infrastructure and connection to the entire world. It marks the place where your network meets the internet, making it the frontline arena where intruders will attempt to access your systems, devices, and data structures. The edge provides opportunities for your company to leverage massive amounts of actionable information for growth and utility purposes, but it’s a vulnerable security boundary that needs effective and flexible preventative security measures.

Essentially, your teams are working on multiple fronts to procure the maximum benefits available through your network edge while implementing resilient and adaptive security solutions capable of identifying and reacting to potential threats. It is essential to have a security infrastructure that works with your teams, enabling them to easily oversee any traffic occurring across your network edge and having the streamlined, centralized architecture able to support a functional network.

Whether you’re looking to protect your remote workers, optimize functionality and operations within your ecosystem, or utilize AI-powered technology to diagnose and attend to your systems, Aruba provides solutions ideal for your company. These network edge solutions include:

  • Aruba AIOps
  • Edge-to-Cloud Security
  • Aruba Unified Infrastructure
  • Aruba As-a-Service Options

Aruba’s catalog is expansive and, at times, overwhelming. Trying to make an informed decision about which of their offerings best provide your company with a competitive advantage can become an obstacle itself, leading to implementing network and security solutions that aren’t optimized for what your company needs. With Broadleaf Group’s expertise as a VAR, you’ll be able to incorporate the right solutions designed to support operational efficiency while reducing costs without compromising network integrity.

Since our founding as a company, Broadleaf Group has always approached each project with a security-driven mindset. If your data isn’t protected and your users are vulnerable,then your organization will not be able to thrive and develop a reliable, trusted environment. As an authorized Aruba reseller, we’re dedicated to supporting your company in achieving your goals. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.