Benefits of SD-WAN

Times are changing. Being able to connect your teams across the internet from any location in the world was a huge first step years ago, but as new demands take precedence, simple connectivity doesn’t cut it anymore. Your company needs fast, reliable connection between devices, applications, and individuals for truly optimized performance within your organization, and traditional WAN infrastructures aren’t designed to handle the full value of the cloud. Many companies, in an effort to scale and adapt to market demands, are turning to software-driven wireless area networking (SD=WAN), a network infrastructure that leverages the benefits of SD-WAN that traditional WAN solutions can’t provide.

Working with Broadleaf Group ensures you’re partnered with a company that has a proven work ethic for delivering results that are intrinsically designed with your organization’s Benefits of SD WANinfrastructure and environment in mind. We take a holistic approach, meaning we start off every partnership by laboriously analyzing every intricacy your company has to offer: processes, constraints, infrastructure design, hardware, software, and so on. From there, our team members can orchestrate and deliver innovative and creative solutions that seamlessly align with precisely what your company needs.

What Makes SD-WAN Worthwhile?

Traditional WAN infrastructures accomplish the bare minimum of what’s needed in a cloud-reliant landscape, but they were never designed to handle the demands of the cloud. Router-based solutions don’t provide the flexibility, scalability, or versatility that modern infrastructures need for companies to thrive. Consider moving to SD-WAN, an upgraded network solution for the digital era.

Multi-Path Connectivity

Router-based networks only have one path to route traffic through: MPLS. SD-WAN, however, can leverage multi-path connectivity to route traffic across MPLS, broadband, or cellular connections. Through intensive traffic monitoring, users can be routed through prioritized connections, allowing them to quickly access business-critical apps along best fit connections as determined by software algorithms.

Infrastructure Visibility

Hardware-based WAN solutions greatly reduce the level of visibility and control your managers have over your network infrastructure. Since all the traffic first goes through MPLS connections and then to the cloud, all that information is diverted away and preventing line of sight into your business applications. Without that information, adjusting your network to accommodate new data is severely hampered. Once SD-WAN removes the reliance on routing through databases, managers are provided with simplified access to reports, analytics, and traffic through your network.

Centralized Management

Simplifying operations is a key ingredient with SD-WAN technology. By consolidating multiple point products under a single umbrella, SD-WAN provides network managers with single-pane access to the entire network. Centralization, combined with an intuitive design, enables responsive analysis, augmentation, and adaptation for addressing network demands and challenges. Changes that would have otherwise been impossible can now be easily instituted with informed insights into network traffic and operations.

Reduced Costs

MPLS is, alone, an expensive style of connection to maintain. SD-WAN doesn’t rely on enormous investments in hardware. It streamlines connectivity for less IT intervention, so companies can enjoy optimized networks with an overall reduced cost of ownership.

SD-WAN is, itself, complicated if you have no prior experience working with it. Broadleaf Group is here to help implement everything needed to derive the most benefits out of SD-WAN with minimal obstructions. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.