Business Collaboration Solutions

The greatest possible solution is not usually developed by the hands of a single individual. That’s why IT departments are founded on the concept of teams, of skilled professionals leveraging the unique skill sets of their peers to reach a fully realized desired outcome. Facilitating a greater level of cooperation needs business collaboration solutions that enable your workforce to work alongside their teammates effortlessly. As innovations are continually developed, the pace at which modern IT infrastructures, client and customer expectations, and methods for optimal delivery evolve rapidly. Gaining a competitive advantage through solutions that empower your teams with increased productivity, integrated communication channels, and UC architectures ideal for managing fast-paced environments is critical.

The issue then comes to finding the right solution for your needs. End-user productivity and security, among other essential facets, aren’t achievable without a company with a vested interest in seamlessly integrating new, custom-fit collaboration solutions that fit your unique infrastructure, policies, and restrictions. Every environment is unique, which is why Broadleaf Group takes a personalized approach to determining which tailored solution can be procured, deployed, and managed with the best potential for exponential growth.

Helping You Manage Costs

Every investment takes a considerable amount of capital to see through to the end. Reorganizing your UC architecture is no different. Handling a tight budget while making a case that new UC offerings are essential for business growth and productivity are stressors that impact every decision. Whether you opt for an on-premise solution or one that’s cloud-based, the resulting weight on your infrastructure can be crippling if not thoroughly thought through.

The assistance of Broadleaf Group’s collaboration services has an out for your company. The pursuit of impactful multichannel collaboration solutions should not be carelessly sought after, especially if your current structure won’t need every bell and whistle that might be offered. Our Unified Communications Practice Group is at your disposal, offering the most flexible, cost-effective, and agile UC offerings in the industry today.

Not only are we helping in the procurement period, selecting the latest technologies that fit your environment, budget, and goals, our teams provide expert insight, solutions, and recommendations for seamless UC deployment. We provide managed services for integration and continued management, providing an affordable total cost of operations. While you may be tempted to settle with the final budget report relating to the total cost of ownership, ongoing UC maintenance, management, and repair will be an ongoing expense best handled by a third party like Broadleaf Group with the teams, experience, and resources to focus on optimizing your UC architecture.

You could undoubtedly handle every step of the process on your own. It’s essential, however, to be aware of the various expenses associated with UC procurement, implementation, and management:

  • Hardware, software, and endpoint device procurement costs
  • Implementation costs
    • Internal staff
    • Third-party integrators
    • Third-party consultants
  • Operational costs
    • Staff time
    • Training
    • Certification
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Third-party support

Any facets that go unconsidered will invariably result in decreased productivity and misalignment between your UC architecture and your workforce. Streamlining operations and keeping everything above board is vital for company growth.

Our teams are available to provide support through every step of the process, leveraging industry-leading practices at a cost-competitive price. Delivering best-fit business collaboration solutions is all a part of our work. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.