Business Communication and Online Collaboration Tools

A workforce that’s unequipped for communication and collaboration is doomed to fail from the start. Modern companies have progressed to a point where rapid, real-time communication has become the norm, where the instantaneous connection between qualified personnel defines your ROI and bottom line. HIccups in project development that arise from insufficient business communication and online collaboration tools have long-standing consequences on your workplace environment, actively Business Communication and Online Collaboration Toolspreventing exponential growth through impairment of workflows. Your workforce can only thrive when provided with high-performance tools that actively enable productivity and connection between team members.

Finding the right solutions, however, is the hard part. The UC architecture market is sprawling, swamped with thousands of competitors claiming they’re offering exactly what you need. The truth is, any one of them could be correct, but picking the optimal candidate out of the sea of options can be taxing, overwhelming, and seemingly impossible. Broadleaf Group has your back. We specialize in procuring best-in-class technologies from top vendors, handpicking tailored solutions based on the needs of your specific IT environment.

Broadleaf Group’s Value

You’ll find more than your fair share of communication and collaboration solution providers who pick an option off the shelf and claim it’s the best fit for your company. The truth is, finding the hardware, software, and UC architecture solutions that conform to the needs and constraints of your infrastructure is easier said than done. A UC architecture that poorly fits your work environment and workforce can negatively impact productivity for multiple reasons.

  • Wrong communication terms and information
  • Split communication between devices
  • Inadequate end-user training
  • No one-size-fits-all solution
  • Insufficient managerial support

The right brand of UC architecture needs seamless integration with minimal friction. Even slight issues that can’t be quickly resolved can have a snowball effect, expanding initial costs and driving down company revenue for both the short-term and long-term. Determining whether or not a particular collaboration solution will integrate well with your IT environment is hard without in-depth industry experience working with various vendors.

As a VAR, Broadleaf Group acts as the technical mediator for identifying the best-fit communication solution for your company. Before we follow through on any finalized decision-making process, we take a unique approach to our collaboration services to ensure you’re provided with dependable, reliable solutions.

By taking a holistic examination of your practices, policies, resources, and other elements of your environment, we can implement proven, effective solutions. Doing so minimizes the risk of failed integration, preventing exorbitant costs before they cripple your infrastructure. Our specialists work hand-in-hand with your in-house teams, leveraging the full value of your understanding and insights, bringing our experts to a comparable level of familiarity with your architecture as your workforce.

Employing the Best Personnel

Expertise isn’t developed without industry experience and qualifications. Putting your IT architecture in the hands of a company without the necessary personnel to back up its claims is foolish. Broadleaf Group employs some of the industry’s best professionals, leveraging the talents and skills of capable engineers, architects, and technicians for customized solutions, hardware procurement, and collaboration services.

With Broadleaf Group’s help, finding the best business communication and online collaboration tools is feasible and affordable. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.