Cisco Collaboration Tools

There is no subtext to what a collaboration tool’s intended purpose is: it’s to assist team members to collaborate with each other. By that definition, most anything can be considered a collaboration tool: pencils, paper, our own vocal cords, and so on. Cisco collaboration tools, however, take on a more advanced form of collaboration, bringing powerful algorithms and intuitive programs to your fingertips, providing a streamlined, accessible experience for individuals to quickly and comprehensively work together.

Implementing these collaboration tools into your company’s infrastructure is a part of what Broadleaf Group does best. These solutions, provided by technical professionals in software development who are validated by certifications licensing them as experts with Cisco technology, are intended to facilitate ease-of-communication within the workplace while simultaneously reducing and budgeting costs.

What Changes Will Cisco Collaboration Tools Make to the Workplace?

Through Unified Communications, the simple answer is that all your tools will be under a single roof. You won’t be required to sift through a half dozen different programs, figuring out which messages are coming from where, and jumping between applications to get to the right meeting on time. Segmented communication networks slow down productivity, something Broadleaf Group excels at rectifying through our collaboration services.

We provide multichannel collaboration solutions, leveraging the full force of any relevant technology to better connect your company together. These solutions fall under voice, video, and application categories, which include:

  • Phones
  • Hard Phones
  • Soft clients
  • Desktop video
  • Video calling
  • Room-based video
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Contact Center

While long-winded and not even covering the full scope of what we offer, the list provides a glimpse into the full repertoire that Broadleaf Group wields in your favor.

Cisco WebEx Teams

Saying that we’re fully integrating your full collaboration experience under the umbrella of a single app is not overstating the fundamental purpose of Cisco WebEx Teams. Centralizing your communication hub makes it easier for your teams to stay in contact with each other, facilitating productivity, morale, and enhanced workflow.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Enterprise-grade calls
  • Built-in team messaging
  • Enterprise video calling
  • Third-party app integration

Keeping these tools accessible from virtually any location provides the high-grade support necessary for a stronger working environment. Centralization is key, leading to less confusion, clearer communication, and faster response times for getting projects completed on-time.

How Broadleaf Group Enhances the UC Experience

As good as these resources sound already, we at Broadleaf Group can make things even better for you. After all, you still have to integrate these products into your infrastructure, get everything up and running without skipping a beat. As a Cisco Certified Premier Partner, and as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), our core business model is to leverage our Cisco technology expertise and provide top-notch service.

No matter the scale or longevity of the project, we can get it done. Our historical experience speaks for itself, utilizing real-world results while deploying the largest command and control visualization room in Texas, global UC architecture, design, implementation, and support for multiple top-5 oilfield services companies, and having the distinct privilege of being a Cisco UC software beta testing partner. If you’re looking for credibility and authority, we have it in spades.

Cisco collaboration tools have the capacity to improve virtually every aspect of your company. We offer proper, effective implementation designed for what your company specifically needs in mind. Give Broadleaf Group a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.