Cisco VAR Houston, TX

When IT is done right, your business can do more with fewer resources and gain a competitive advantage. If you are looking for an experienced Cisco VAR (Value Added Reseller) that serves the Houston, TX area, look no further than Broadleaf Group, a Cisco Premier Certified Partner.

Cisco VAR Houston, TX

Broadleaf Group serves mid-market and enterprise clients with a wide range of IT solutions from initial consultation and solution architecture, to procurement, configuration, logistics, deployment, and managed IT services.

We partner with best-in-class technology providers like Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and others to provide clients a single source for all of their technology needs. Our goal is to offer effective solutions while maintaining or lowering your overall cost of investing in new technology.

What is a VAR?

A value-added reseller (VAR) like Broadleaf Group is a company that resells software, hardware, and networking products. It provides extra value beyond products, including consulting, design, implementation, and training services. We partner directly with IT vendors to make it easier for your organization to purchase and manage various technologies.

For example, we bring you Cisco’s world-class products and services combined with Broadleaf Group’s consultative approach to deliver a solution that best meets your business needs. We offer Cisco solutions in Network, Security, Collaboration, and much more.

Working with a certified Cisco partner like Broadleaf Group will provide the best experience when purchasing Cisco products. Key benefits include:

  1. You might be eligible for promotional pricing when you buy Cisco products from us.
  2. As required by Cisco’s stringent certification process, our knowledgeable, certified staff know what technology to recommend, how to design a solution, and how to implement it.
  3. You will receive customized service working with a local partner like Broadleaf Group. We know your architecture and what you are looking to accomplish with whatever Cisco product you purchased and can customize services to be exactly what you need.
  4. Working with Broadleaf Group gives you access to the unparalleled knowledge and training of Cisco technicians.

Case Study

Through strategic consulting services and well-architected solutions, Broadleaf Group’s Business Support Services (BSS) group also partners with clients to help drive business growth and reduce operational expenses.

A Forbes Global 2000 oil and natural gas company with a Cisco renewal out to bid wanted better pricing, licensing, and support options. They needed a partner who could efficiently and effectively manage the renewal process by assessing their needs, applying due diligence, and consolidating contracts where appropriate for cost-saving recommendations.

Broadleaf Group analyzed the situation and took the time to understand the current ordering processes thoroughly. The team went line by line through licensing support agreements, inventory sheets, and contracts, and uncovered wasteful purchases and unnecessary spending.

By choosing Broadleaf Group, the client saved $400,000 in renewal costs. Ten Cisco contracts were merged into three, and we helped streamline the management process on renewals. Broadleaf Group recognized the redundancy of four different licensing levels and converted all levels to a true user.

Broadleaf Group is a certified Cisco VAR in Houston, TX. If you are interested in recommendations on Cisco technologies based on your unique business environment, please contact us for a consultation at 800-615-0866, or contact us online.