Cisco WebEx Reseller Houston, TX

Communication makes the modern business world possible. The technology that companies and individuals alike possess today allows us to contact virtually anyone on the planet at the press of a button. The ability to connect, whether it’s for business or for personal reasons, is a monumental milestone in the course of human history. It’s a milestone that a Cisco WebEx reseller in Houston, Texas can help you take advantage of.

Broadleaf Group strongly believes in the power of superior communication technology. Cisco WebEx provides the telecommunications application for web and videoconferencing intrinsically designed to increase productivity, collaboration, and effective time management. Capable of seamless integration with a number of other commonly used apps, WebEx creates the vital network interconnectivity that proves a company can evolve to productively function from anywhere at any moment, no matter the circumstances.

Broadleaf Group’s Collaboration Services

Cisco WebEx Reseller Houston, TXIntegrating United Communications (UC) into the framework of your daily business practices can be complex. These services need to be flexible, cost-effective, and provide the fast-acting channels to facilitate effective communication and teamwork within your organization. Communication must be readily available while remaining intuitive, accessible, and easy to use.

Our Unified Communications Practice Group is dedicated to fulfilling premier communication services while normalizing operational and product procurement costs. The key in implementing an effective communication network is to provide the means for scalability and compatibility with multiple business applications while reducing support and infrastructure costs as a whole.

Ensuring your customers and employees have access to a suite of business applications is critical for providing functionality, productivity, and engagement with your company. The more that your communication network can be leveraged, the better collaboration you can experience within your workforce teams. This includes multichannel collaboration solutions such as:

  • Voice – phones, hard phones, soft clients
  • Video – desktop, room-based, high-definition command and control
  • Applications – Cisco WebEx

Developing an emphasis on easy communication paves the way toward systematic functionality throughout the entire hierarchy of your company. To ensure that your UC can bear the brunt of increased use, Broadleaf Group leverages on-premise, co-located, and cloud-based solutions to fit scalability, resiliency, and redundancy requirements.

Expertise in Implementation

WebEx provides everything your teams need to tackle every project with the tools necessary to get the job done. With video and web conference calls, your team members have access to high-definition, seamless video experiences from virtually anywhere on the planet. That’s thanks to WebEx’s global meeting network, a worldwide network architecture for speed and performance.

Most other UC applications chew up more time with endless waiting, buffering, and slow network issues that disrupt the productivity of a meeting. WebEx is explicitly designed to bring everything you need to the table at the press of a button. This includes instantly creating meeting rooms with no need to wait on the host, tools built in with the ability to add tools as needed for use within the meeting, and dynamic features to fully integrate the discussion, like speaker tracking and auto-framing.

Video conferences have always had their own unique brand of problems. Disconnections, difficulty in application, limited bandwidth, and so on. Our Cisco certified experts, in conjunction with WebEx superior functionality, are expressly dedicated to ensuring your teams can collaborate as effectively as if they were in the same room together.

A Cisco WebEx reseller in Houston, Texas knows how integral collaboration is to the well-being of a company. It’s our goal to help optimize your communication network with the right solutions. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.