FortiGate Firewall Specialist in Houston, TX

The Fortinet Security Fabric is, for all its seemingly complex design, an overall simple concept. Rather than create a piecemeal network, composed of a hodgepodge interlace of various technologies scavenged from whatever vendor was most convenient at the time, Fortinet converges functions through a security-driven network architecture. This means various facets such as SD-WAN, security, wired and wireless FortiGate Firewall Specialist in Houston, TXnetworking, and of course firewalls are melded together under a central console. In order to get the most out of your security, however, you’ll need the assistance of a FortiGate firewall specialist in Houston, TX.

You’re not going to find a partner more committed than Broadleaf Group. We have the distinction of being the first SD-WAN specialized reseller in the Houston area, making us an exclusive pioneer for all things Fortinet-related. It also means we have a high standard to live up to, something that we strive towards every day with a workforce composed of highly skilled professionals boasting skill sets at the top of their field. If anyone’s going to help you config Fortinet FortiGate policy and technology, it’ll be our specialists.

What Can Our Specialists Do for You?

One of the key ingredients that make Fortinet technologies so accessible is how simplified they make management, updating, and visibility through your entire network. The primary draw of creating a centralized console through which the entire Fortinet Security Fabric can be perused is vital to that. Even so, even with a pursuit toward a better user-centered design, there’s a learning curve.

Of course, that’s only the start. FortiGate firewalls are dense pieces of technology, curating a variety of functions that both include and extend beyond what traditional firewall models were capable of. That means you’re working with exceptionally complex hardware that can only be truly leveraged with the right amount of Fortinet FortiGate next-generation firewall training.

Next-generation is the operative phrase here. Fortinet FortiGate technology is an evolution of firewall tech, incorporating the best aspects of old-school and expanding on it by honing its best traits and implementing new capabilities. Next-generation firewalls keep your domain network protected by monitoring, filtering, and detecting threats from both inbound and outbound traffic, preventing threats before they’re given the opportunity to seriously damage your user base or network.

Security-driven networking is something we hold dear to our hearts at Broadleaf Group, which is why we work to provide the best network solutions for your company. FortiGate firewalls include features such as:

  • Packet filtering
  • IPsec and SSL VPN support
  • Network monitoring
  • IP mapping
  • Threat detection and prevention
  • SSL inspection
  • Application control
  • Advanced visibility
  • Decreased risk in attack surfaces

Traditional firewalls can no longer keep up with how rapidly modern cyber threats change, adapt, and overcome challenges. As the digital landscape changes, implementing protective technologies that are capable of handling scaling and new challenges at the rate required by enterprise companies is imperative for the safety and security of your network.

That’s why Broadleaf Group is here. Fortinet specializes in a security fabric that complements itself. The more Fortinet technology you have, the more effective they’ll work together, increasing productivity while lowering TCO. A FortiGate firewall specialist in Houston, TX helps put into perspective how Fortigate tech can be effectively integrated with your systems, providing seamless communication across your whole network for optimal threat protection and system performance. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.