FortiGate SD Wan Solutions

When taking full account of your business enterprise, lacking visibility is one of the greatest obstacles your company is sure to face. How well is your network functioning? Where is it falling short? Do your endpoints have sufficient access to the rest of your network? These are a few of a huge list of questions asked when you don’t have a full understanding of what’s happening with your business applications. FortiGate SD WAN solutions are an influential technology designed to overcome visibility and communication issues, consolidating point FortiGate SD Wan Solutionsproducts from your edge branches for handling cyber threats and enhancing user experience.

Digital transformation is one of the fastest growing adoption models for businesses. Since the establishment of the cloud as a viable entity for transactions, storage, and function, the market has steadily been trending towards cloud-based solutions that optimize network performance while reducing overall cost. Broadleaf Group provides your business with the means to leverage SD WAN to connect directly to the cloud, allowing your internet traffic to have better access and control when interfacing with your network.

How Does FortiGate Technology Factor Into This?

Our FortiGate platform is an essential part of providing superior protection for your company through Fortinet firewall hardware. No matter the size of your company, having the ability to effectively manage, monitor, and filter all traffic that comes through to your domain secures your users and infrastructure against the possibility of a cyberattack.

Every setup of Fortinet firewalls is another layer of protection for your company, leveraging a generation of next-generation firewalls designed with your company’s size in mind. No matter how much you may need to scale, upgrade security parameters, or aim to meet coming demands in the marketplace, FortiGate tech has the capacity and versatility to maintain relevant, high-performance security for years to come.

All traffic, one way or another, must pass through your FortiGate network to reach your domain. This part is where SD WAN becomes pertinent again. If you already have existing branches of FortiGate ingrained in your company’s network, then implementing SD WAN is no more than a step away. Fortinet firewall policy and design includes built-in security protections and, in no more than a few minutes, a software update that integrates SD WAN with your Fortinet security fabric.

Consolidation, beyond all else, provides security-driven solutions while TCO, creating cost-effective network solutions sourced by Broadleaf Group, a VAR that specializes in enhancing businesses from a security-centric mindset. Within minutes of updating and activation, your network can have:

  • Simplified operations
  • Centralized management and orchestration
  • Business app awareness
  • Reduction of WAN OPEX by 40%
  • Dynamic path selection
  • Zero-touch deployment

How Does SD WAN Work?

As with most tech innovations, optimization is the way forward. WAN architectures are the designated conductors of online traffic, relegating all users to their requested applications by the best path forward. Traditional WAN, however, was limited to using MPLS exclusively for routing users, bottlenecking traffic. An SD WAN solution injects versatility into the traditional architecture, routing users from any location through the ideal WAN path.

Without the restrictions of a single WAN pathway imposed on a company’s network, connecting to business-critical apps is smoother, faster, and more secure by virtue of Fortinet FortiGate firewall hardware. Ensuring you’re able to effectively integrate the specialized hardware that best suits what your company needs, however, needs a little guidance from Broadleaf Group. After all, you want to be certain your first choice is the right one. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.