Fortinet Authorized Partners

More so than at any point since the inception of the internet, recent years have proven that cloud security cannot be taken lightly. Developing mature security models shouldn’t be made on a budget. Taking the cheapest option on the market may treat the short-term returns well, but positioning your company’s infrastructure in a vulnerable position is harmful to your long-term prospects, reputation, and integrity. Balancing cost-competitiveness with quality service is a thin line to tread—many companies overspend on a cybersecurity maturity model that uses excessive resources to yield merely adequate results. Working with Fortinet authorized partners like Broadleaf Group gives your teams the guidance, expertise, and dependability you need to safeguard your company without pushing your budget to its limit.

Fortinet Authorized PartnersThe demands that the modern, sophisticated cyber threat landscape has forced upon every industry in the market drive innovation and development within the cybersecurity field. Companies like Fortinet have churned out new, robust solutions to defend any given organization against a hostile cloud environment. However, ensuring that you’re paired with solutions that easily align and integrate with your current infrastructure is a frequent challenge. Broadleaf Group ensures that you’re provided with optimal security solutions custom-fitted for frictionless integration. With the help of our engineer offering actionable insights, informed decision-making processes, and customer-centric services, outfitting your company with leading cybersecurity solutions is easier than ever.

The Fortinet Security Fabric

Picking and choosing an amalgamation of security solutions from multiple vendors is an ineffective and expensive way to protect your interests. Companies tend to approach their security model case-by-case, identifying where they need solutions and finding the closest available option that fits their budget and needs. By the end of it, their cybersecurity maturity model features dozens of solutions sourced from multiple vendors, leading to misaligned security frameworks that are incompatible, struggle to communicate, and leave numerous vulnerabilities that can’t be easily patched.

Unification under a single vendor ensures that your network is adequately protected. Rather than piece together several different vendor solutions into one framework, utilizing Fortinet products helps avoid costly mistakes and challenges that would otherwise impair your company’s productivity, safety, and communication. The cyber threat landscape is in constant evolution. Ensuring that you have the fast-acting capacity to address new threats and dangers with prompt, comprehensive solutions is the crux that defines your cybersecurity maturity model.

You’re not working with numerous solutions operating in isolation from one another. The Fortinet Security Fabric enables high-performing end-to-end user protection through integrated security solutions that offer automated functionality across your entire attack surface. Broadleaf Group works to elevate your security postures through dedicated security support, implementing multi-layered protections using the best Fortinet technologies available. From sourcing solutions to network implementation, our engineers are available to help build your Fortinet Security Fabric, including features such as:

  • Adaptive Cloud Security
  • Zero Trust Access
  • FortiGuard Threat Intelligence
  • Open Ecosystem
  • Security-Driven Networking
  • Fabric Management Center

Broadleaf Group is familiar with every aspect of Fortinet’s core cybersecurity offerings, allowing us to choose the best-fit solutions based on your infrastructure’s needs, goals, and design. Our goal is to help provide comprehension protection to every corner of your network, simplifying security management without compromising operation integrity. Reaching your maturity model goals can be complex. As a Fortinet authorized partner, we are there to ensure you have the support and expertise needed to thrive. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.