Fortinet Ethernet Switch Specialist in Houston, TX

An abundance of Wi-Fi related business processes have become common in the workplace. It offers a level of convenience, but it can come at the cost of productivity, depending on how effective your network is. Wireless connections are handy, but they carry the Fortinet Ethernet Switch Specialist in Houston, TXrisk of downtime, slower connections, and security issues through your LAN. A Fortinet ethernet switch specialist in Houston, TX can provide keen insight into how you can streamline workplace function, prioritizing security-driven networking while keeping your LAN connection affordable, scalable, and simple.

Broadleaf Group makes innovation easy for your company. Implementing Fortinet technologies on your own carries its own plate of challenges, but partnering with one of the best VARs in Houston streamlines the process without worrying about the outcome. Our expertise provides keen insights and access to tech your company needs to thrive.

What Is the Purpose of an Ethernet Switch?

Your LAN is the method through which all your networked computers, printers, and servers are connected. An Ethernet switch provides a wired connection that taps into your LAN, creating direct pathways between all networked devices through various ports. Unlike with wireless connections, this method of LAN connection requires physical hardware connecting your computers to the internet.

Wi-Fi may be convenient, but the best ethernet switches offer advantages that wireless connections can’t compete with. Since you’re using direct interfaces to connect your computers, you’ll have a stronger connection to the internet, resulting in faster connectivity and smoother access.

While traditional legacy Ethernet LANs encountered various issues, including exponentially growing competition, complicated security implementations, and increased throughput demands from wireless LANs, Fortinet offers a highly effective, advanced Ethernet switch option that doesn’t suffer from these issues.

With a properly installed, integrated, and managed Ethernet switch, your organization can benefit from a variety of network benefits, including:

  • Reduction of network downtime
  • Improved network performance and increased available bandwidth on the network
  • Relieving strain on individual computing devices
  • Protecting the overall corporate network with more robust security
  • Lower IT capex and opex costs thanks to remote management and consolidated wiring
  • Right-sizing IT infrastructure and planning for future expansion using modular switches

As it stands, an Ethernet switch will not be the only solution for your LAN infrastructure. Most companies use a hybrid combination of wired and wireless tech, including switches, routers, and hubs.

Leveraging Broadleaf Group’s Expertise

Ethernet switches are only a part of a larger, security-driven network. Fortinet offers a suite of technologies and services designed to protect your network while increasing productivity capabilities through faster, more secure networks. Your organization can only function as effectively as your internet connection, which is why incorporating Fortinet technology, such as FortiGate, FortiAP, and FortiSwitch, are essential pieces of equipment.

As a part of a complete package, Fortinet offers a network that isn’t piecemeal. As most companies grow, their solutions tend to come from a variety of sources, dependent on what they needed at the time. The result is a conglomeration of different point-products that fail to deliver a fully realized result. Unification through a single LAN edge network solves that issue.

The complexity of this project means you’ll need people on your side who know what they’re doing. That’s why, here at Broadleaf, we have the best Fortinet Ethernet switch specialists in Houston, TX, ready to support your endeavors in any way they can. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.