Fortinet Ethernet Switch Specialist Texas

Pure wireless technology has its fair share of convenience, making it a popular option for constructing your company’s Wi-Fi infrastructure. The ability to work virtually anywhere, after all, is hard to beat, allowing your workforce to function without being chained to a cubicle for all hours of the day. Wireless LAN technologies are a widely utilized product, as they rightly should be, but they’re not always the best Fortinet Ethernet Switch Specialist Texasoption for your productivity environment. As powerful as wireless tech is, sometimes you need a direct solution. Our Fortinet ethernet switch specialists in Texas can help you with that.

The primary difference that makes wired ethernet switches viable comes down to reliability. Wireless connectivity is useful, but it contends with an increased risk of downtime, slower connections, more security risks, and competition for bandwidth. A wired connection can sync all your company’s relevant electronics – computers, laptops, servers, printers, etc. – into a cohesive, smoother network. Broadleaf Group’s ethernet switch specialists can provide your company with insights, installation assistance, and recommendations for which switch model best fits your needs.

Developing a Better Network

Wired connections are one of the oldest forms for interconnectivity since modern computer technology became popularized, beginning with their inception in 1999. While at a glance you might consider that the advancements made in wireless tech has far outpaced what archaic wired technology would be capable of, the truth is far from that. Not every solution calls for an ethernet switch, just in the same way that not every solution calls for exclusive wireless LAN pathways.

Most companies have developed a hybrid infrastructure using both wired and wireless technologies to provide balance. With Fortinet ethernet switches, you’re bridging devices together for direct communication, centralizing workflow for a smoother, faster performance. Since ethernet doesn’t require the use of routers or hubs, they can devote a greater amount of bandwidth to their connected devices without increasing network load.

Ethernet switches provide an easily managed solution for network performance, especially when you have several devices in play. Not only will you experience a streamlined connection, using a Fortinet ethernet switch provides a greater level of security, visibility, and control for your administrators. As a network solution, Fortinet ethernet switches include a number of beneficial features, including:

  • Reduction of network downtime
  • Improved network performance and increased available bandwidth on the network
  • Relieving strain on individual computing devices
  • Protecting the overall corporate network with more robust security
  • Lower IT capex and opex costs thanks to remote management and consolidated wiring
  • Right-sizing IT infrastructure and planning for future expansion using modular switches

How Broadleaf Group Can Help You

Broadleaf Group, as one of Fortinet’s top resellers in Texas, provides the recognized expertise and capability to ensure you’re given the right network solution for your company. There are several ethernet switch options to choose from, a prospect that can be challenging if you’re unsure of how each model could impact your network performance. Our expertise helps narrow down the choices to an array of high-impact ethernet switch solutions, helping you make an informed decision based on your needs, expectations, and goals.

Your company might just need the basic plug-and-play solution. You might need a powerhouse Gigabit ethernet switch that outperforms wireless options. Whatever you need, Broadleaf Group works with your teams to procure the best technologies, providing advanced growth opportunities at competitive prices. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.