Fortinet LAN Edge Security

The modern workplace is becoming more decentralized by the minute. In traditional office spaces, all your required hardware and software would be located in a single building on a single network with an on-premise data center, keeping your ship manageable and intact. Now, with the advent of cloud technology and the rise in remote work popularity, keeping your Fortinet LAN edge security updated is all the more important. Your end Fortinet LAN Edge Securityusers need to be able to safely and securely sync with your network without compromising on speed, access, and function.

Right now, your LAN is one of your company’s largest and most vulnerable attack areas, a trait that compounds as more devices and applications are connected to it. Scaling your system to match up to an ever-evolving world of threats can’t be done if you’re cobbling together a variety of solutions from multiple vendors with scotch tape and a prayer. Broadleaf Group can help procure, install, and organize all the Fortinet products your company needs to institute a unified, singular network security solution.

Simplifying Management and Function

As your company grew to where it is today, it left a trail of key decisions that, while they made sense and were feasible at the time, have accumulated into a piecemeal security architecture that fails to meet the standards you’d expect from them. Solutions from multiple vendors aren’t designed to work in harmony with each other, leaving your system disjointed, fragmented, and vulnerable to attacks through multiple points of ingress.

It’s like you made a jigsaw by combining the pieces of 4 different puzzles. You may have a final product, but it’s a creation that lacks uniformity and falls short of your expectations.

Fortinet LAN edge security provides you with a consolidated solution, merging multiple technologies and security parameters under a single roof for better protection, performance, scalability, and ability to respond to future challenges. Since you won’t have to jump across multiple vendor lines to manage your network architecture anymore, managing your system network becomes a lot easier.

Broadleaf Group can help ensure you’re provided with the right network solutions where you need them. With a few new hardware additions, you’ll be provided with top-quality Fortinet web security, expanding your organization’s horizons by increasing operational power while decreasing overall cost. Upgrading to the Fortinet standard involved integrating essential technology, including:

  • Fortinet FortiGate
  • Fortinet FortiAPs
  • Fortinet FortiSwitch
  • Fortinet FortiNAC
  • Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

Remote Network Security

Like we said before, employees can’t be tethered to a single space for all their work anymore. Remote work is becoming increasingly common, so ensuring your workers outside the office have access to the high-speed security standards offered by your network is pivotal. Thankfully, Fortinet has an answer for you.

By leveraging FortiAPs as remote APs, you can supply your remote end users with a flexible, secure connection to your company’s Fortinet next generation firewall. Adjustable security settings in your FortiGate firewall can authorize selected users while preventing phishing and malware attempts that may otherwise try to exploit the wireless connection.

For all that Fortinet can provide for companies around the globe, actually integrating their systems with your company is complicated work. That’s why it helps to have an expert in Fortinet LAN edge security at your side for every step of the way. With Broadleaf Group’s extensive knowledge, experience, and first-hand understanding of Fortinet tech, we’ll be sure to provide you with the best solution for your company’s well-being. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.