Fortinet Wireless LAN Specialist in Houston, TX

The advent of wireless technology has provided businesses around the globe with a greater level of versatility, uniformity, and organization to pursue their company goals. While relying on jumbles of cables and wires to connect your employees to the internet is a straightforward and dependable solution for accessing company resources and cloud applications, its dependence on static hardware presents several Fortinet Wireless LAN Specialist in Houston, TXrestrictions for workflow. With a Fortinet wireless LAN specialist in Houston, TX, providing secure WiFi access to everyone on campus is easier than ever.

As Fortinet’s premier authorized reseller in the Houston area, Broadleaf Group can set your company up with the technology, training, and practices needed to effectively manage and monitor your wireless LAN network. Streamlining the integration process to a fine point, as well as assisting your IT department in procuring the best Fortinet firewall hardware and deployment procedures, ensures the transition process proceeds seamlessly and without issue.

What Is Security-Driven Networking?

Fundamentally, wireless LANs enhance your workforce’s capability to secure essential client information, cloud application access, and provide clear communication and collaboration channels across your organization. However, due to its recognition as a common access layer technology, it’s naturally easier for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

Broadleaf Group is dedicated to ensuring that your network is sufficiently protected, procuring best-in-class Fortinet technologies expressly designed to safeguard all wireless access points while simultaneously segment online traffic, identify and authorize specific users, and provide centralized control to your organization’s console.

Most importantly of all, Fortinet provides greater power with less components at a lower price. Optimizing the functionality of your wireless LAN network while reducing overhead expense is cost-efficiency 101. Pairing you with the best selection of Fortinet wireless firewall technology is one of Broadleaf Group’s title services, supplied through VAR channels for greater results. Some of the technology involved in effectively securing your network include:

  • Fortinet FortiGate
  • Fortinet FortiAPs
  • Fortinet FortiSwitch
  • Fortinet FortiNAC
  • Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

Consolidation to a Single Platform

There’ll come a time where your company comes to a crossroads in regards to your network. Perhaps your network needs to grow, an update, better security, or to incorporate something as nebulous as being able to respond to tomorrow’s challenges. You’re free to work through the process yourself, doing your own research and selecting what you think is the best fit for your company. The problem there is that, without appropriate guidance, expertise, or pairing of products, the best you can do is hope that your IT decisions work out.

Broadleaf Group is there to help you make the right decisions without sabotaging your own goals. By developing a wireless LAN based on Fortinet products, you’re incorporating the Fortinet Security Fabric as an aligned, converged solution with technology designed to work in tandem. The alternative is piecing together a jigsaw puzzle of point products that don’t exactly have a lot in common. Our network services are based on client-driven principles, as we walk you through every step of the way to enable your company to do its best work.

You won’t find another Fortinet wireless LAN specialist in Houston, TX more dedicated to fulfilling your company’s goals, needs, and expectations than Broadleaf Group. If you’re looking to leverage Fortinet technology to give your business a boost, we are the ideal VAR to help realize those initiatives. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.