IBM Authorized Resellers

Like most reputable IT manufacturers, IBM has curated a substantial portfolio of high-profile technologies and services that can intimidate decision-making executives and team leaders. You need an IBM authorized reseller like Broadleaf Group with in-depth familiarity and knowledge about the unique specifications, differences, and methods for streamlined integration for IBM assets.

IBM Authorized ResellersIBM is one of the grandfathers of the modern IT environment, responsible for manufacturing some of the pioneering technologies that have since evolved and defined an incalculable number of industries. With the development of personal computers and related assets being a forefront of the IBM trademark as far back as 1981, the company remains a decisive manufacturer developing cutting-edge innovations for networks.

Broadleaf Group thrives in collaboration. It’s not enough to source requested hardware or software for our partners – we actively work with your in-house teams to gain a firm understanding of what makes your IT environment unique. Policies, structures, processes, design, applications, technologies, and more make any comparable network infrastructures differentiated by localized practices, needs, goals, and restraints rarely replicated in the same way. A level of discrepancy like this requires a hand that can develop and deploy specialized solutions based on your company’s needs, not on what is cheapest or easiest. Not only do these best-fit solutions seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure, but their overall performance also drives better security, greater workflow efficiency, and higher productivity.

What Does IBM Offer

The business landscape changes rapidly. Accommodating the demands of new audiences based on what your company can and should offer needs flexible solutions to empower your IT infrastructure. Leveraging IBM technologies with the help of Broadleaf Group’s integral network services is the gateway between your architecture as it stands now and its optimal vision.

To get you there, IBM has a vast catalog with a little bit of something for everyone. Analytics, cloud hosting, developer tools, IoT, and more offer your organization a competitive advantage through adaptation and empowerment. Your workforce, simply put, works better when they have access to tools and resources that make their work easier.


Relegating engineers with high-value skill sets to sit and hammer away at tedious, repetitive tasks day in and day out is a misallocation of valuable resources. IBM helps teams achieve their optimized state to focus on critical projects and initiatives through automation. AI-powered algorithms streamline workflows and processes by up to 50%, letting more get done in less time.


Hackers, malware, and other cyber risks will be threats to company integrity from now till the end of time. Utilizing cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your information, users, and network devices protects your infrastructure and provides regulatory compliance through the cloud.


Cloud storage needs to scale with a growing corporation, escalating in tandem with changing infrastructure without compromising your data storage easily. IBM offers adaptable, flexible storage solutions that make data management easy, intuitive, and scalable for companies of any size.

Everything through IBM is customizable, can be cut, shaped, and managed to fit precisely what your company needs without overpaying for extra services. As qualified IBM authorized resellers, Broadleaf Group is here to provide keen insights and recommendations to ensure you’re making the right decisions for what your organization needs. If you’re interested in a partnership, give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.