IT Solutions Company in Katy, TX

Investing in your company needs solutions that do more than tick off a few boxes. Generic solutions generated on a whim, using a framework compiled from the analysis of a hundred different companies, still do not provide your IT architecture with the answers it needs to thrive. Crafting those solutions is easier said than done, especially when they must align with your goals, environment, and architecture. For those moments, when you’re looking for specialized teams to give your company an advantage, you need the help of the right IT solutions company in Katy, TX. That, of course, is Broadleaf Group.

IT Solutions Company in Katy, TXOur services cover a spectrum of IT solutions spanning the entirety of your network’s surface. The cloud, network edge, devices, applications, security, and more demand a higher quality of service to contend with the challenges faced by the modern IT landscape. We’re there to turn IT assets into business advantages. A custom-fit solution needs more than just a skilled team working on it. It requires collaboration, a dedication to quality, and a level of intimacy with how your IT environment functions to deliver unparalleled solutions based on what your company needs and can afford.

Solutions for Every Occasion

Companies are bound to encounter a range of problems that need timely addressing. A reputable IT solutions company should be well prepared to handle just about any project that crosses their desk, guaranteeing a solution that adheres to the client’s architecture, goals, and expectations like a glove. Accomplishing this needs several factors to be met, including capable staff, resources, experience, expertise, deep industry, knowledge, accreditation, and so on. Luckily, you’ll have all that in spades when working with Broadleaf Group.

Though we started strictly as a security solutions company, we’ve broadened our area of expertise to fulfill just about any project needed to grow your company.


We use a four-phase cybersecurity maturity model to protect your company. The goal is to build a resilient and multi-layered security model capable of protecting your assets, interests, and personnel against virtually any cyber threat that poses a risk to your systems. These phases include:

  • Foundational
  • Structural
  • Armored
  • Resilient

Each serves a fundamental purpose in building the optimal cybersecurity program, ideal for defending your network across its entire surface.


SD-WAN is the next-generation network framework that’s digitally transforming the modern business architecture makeup. It simplifies management while optimizing performance, focusing on four key elements to build a better, more efficient network:

  • Optimize
  • Control
  • Consolidate
  • Repurpose

Cloud/Data Center

It’s time to bring your organization to the cloud. Each company is at its own level of cloud adoption, from traditional architectures to cloud-native. Our goal is to facilitate a better company by offering the experience, resources, and knowledge needed to leverage the total value of your platform.


Sometimes you need a qualified, outside team to provide system support. Your resources might be otherwise tied up, and enlisting a team of experienced engineers to support your company’s operations can be a huge assistance to your goals.


A comprehensive UC architecture works wonders in connecting your workforce in ways that matter. We provide implementation and sourcing services, pairing your company with the best-fit solutions for optimal collaboration channels throughout your company.

We’re dedicated to going above and beyond what other IT solutions companies in Katy, TX, will offer. Give Broadleaf Group a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.