Network Security Audits Houston, TX

Network security cyberattacks are a reality. Not knowing where your network is weak, what can be done to shore up your defenses, how your vulnerabilities may be exploited, all of which are potential factors that can damage your credibility and reliability if left unattended. The core purpose of network security audits in Houston, TX, provided by a security solutions provider with experience, skill, and ample resources like Broadleaf Group, is to provide the knowledge needed to ensure your company against deficiencies in your network.

If 15 years of working with companies, providing security solutions as a partnered VAR, has taught us anything, it’s how to protect your data, network, and infrastructure. Broadleaf Group, founded in 2005, has the singular fundamental belief in security-enhancing all aspects of your organization. By helping companies grasp and implement meaningful change to their network, our services provide the support needed to grow and secure your organization.

Incorporating Audits into Your IT Network

Network Security Audits Houston, TXNetworks are a complex amalgamation of hardware and software that make up the entirety of your company’s digital presence. The scope of what’s needed to keep your operation running means that there are a lot of opportunities for failure within the system, leading to intrusions, data loss, viral propagation, and so on. Any of these catastrophes could spell ruin for your company.

A thorough security audit examines all aspects of your network, whether it’s digital or physical. This includes ensuring that your hardware is under warranty, your server is functioning as intended, and your operating systems are current and up-to-date. The software side of things involves more technical work, checking user accounts, security integrity, antivirus and antimalware protections are in place, and more.

Performing a security audit is a process; it takes time, energy, and effort to ensure no stones were left unturned in keeping your company secure. A few of the audit practices that Broadleaf Group implements to measure your system’s integrity include:

  • Security policy review
  • Security architecture review
  • Firewall assessment
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments
  • PEN testing

As safe as you may feel now, there’s no telling what weaknesses could be waiting within your network to be exploited. Taking the proactive approach and collaborating with a security solutions provider like Broadleaf Group is a pre-emptive action that helps prevent and mitigate future potential disasters from ruining your company’s image and infrastructure.

Offering Managed Security Services

A security audit is only the first step, and it doesn’t fix your problems, but simply makes you aware of them. Whether your own in-house IT team isn’t sufficient enough to protect your company against intrusions or you’re seeking out the managed services of a reliable MSP, Broadleaf Group has all the services you need to safeguard your company.

Our managed security services provide you with the comfort, security, and reliability to operate effectively without fear of cyberattacks. We prioritize visibility, enhanced protection, and full compliance support among other factors in making your network security as impregnable as a castle. Our transparent strategies ensure your company is well-informed of everything happening with your network, keeping you in the loop and cognizant of how your company is improving.

Making security one of our prime business goals sets us apart from other security solutions providers. Performing network security audits in Houston, TX is only the first stepping stone in getting there. Give Broadleaf Group a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.