Network Security Services in Texas

Network security is one of today’s most important components of a successful business strategy. With technological advances and the growing complexity of cyber threats, businesses must make network security services an integral part of their IT infrastructure. These services are an invaluable investment for companies looking to increase network resiliency without diverting internal resources from business-critical projects. However, many organizations don’t understand why network security services in Texas are so critical or how to select the right ones for their needs. 

Network Security Services in TexasAt Broadleaf Group, we provide innovative network security solutions tailored to your needs and designed to secure your data from malicious attacks. Our experts understand the importance of a robust defense system to protect against cyber threats like malware, viruses, phishing scams, and insider threats. We also ensure that our customers’ networks remain compliant with industry regulations by ensuring they always have the most up-to-date security technologies in place. With teams available around the clock, we pride ourselves on providing quick response times to any security incidents that might occur, protecting your network from virtually any cyber threat.

Building a Next-Gen Security Model

Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, developed by hackers learning from the current cybersecurity solutions and determining new means to circumvent them. As a result, any network security architecture hoping to create a robust, comprehensive cybersecurity program must create an adaptable defense model that can keep up with the changing threats. Not only does this system need to be comprehensive, but it also needs to retain versatility, responding to the threat quickly and effectively.

Broadleaf Group tackles this issue by implementing a multi-layered security model designed to protect your data, safeguard your assets, and empower employees to better identify and handle cyber threats as they occur. This model is composed of four distinct phases:

  • Phase 1 – Foundational
  • Phase 2 – Structural
  • Phase 3 – Armored
  • Phase 4 – Resilient

Phase 1 – Foundational

The base of your cybersecurity program is what the rest of it is built on. Your basic foundation has three key features:

  • Technologies
  • Processes
  • Resources

This is the most important part of your cybersecurity architecture, where you identify gaps and determine which technologies need to be implemented to secure your data and assets.

Phase 2 – Structural

This phase is about creating an efficient and effective cybersecurity architecture built on the foundation, including processes and controls to ensure that data remains secure and is accessible only to authorized personnel. This includes identifying and managing extant risks to your systems, allowing you to reduce risks across your entire IT environment.

Phase 3 – Armored

The framework for your robust cybersecurity maturity model has been laid out, leading to the third phase, where redundancies and multi-layered security solutions are integrated with the rest of the system. These solutions can range from automated security tools to user education and training designed to prevent malicious attacks.

Phase 4 – Resilient

The final phase introduces zero-trust access protocols, such as segmentation, web application firewalls, and enhanced privileged access management to prevent and quickly respond to any threats that may occur. The last layer to your maturity model is essential for any organization looking to maintain a high level of cybersecurity, ensuring that your network is as resilient as possible.

At Broadleaf Group, the right network security services in Texas mean distinguishing between a vulnerable and a secure organization. Call us at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.