Network Vulnerability Assessment in Houston, TX

The integrity of your network is paramount. The safety and security of your organization is dependent on how protected your online presence is, what walls you have in place to prevent outside attackers from stealing data, inserting and spreading viruses within your network, or any other security nightmare. To ensure your protected network is as secure as it can be, you need to start with a network vulnerability assessment in Houston, Texas.

Everything that Broadleaf Group does emanates from a security perspective. From consulting to infrastructure to migration work, we ensure that your business’ security remains as impervious as modern technology allows. This is primarily due to our highly credentialed employees and through partnering with best-in-class technology vendors, allowing us to deliver premium services that center around protection and integrity.

What Are Network Vulnerability Assessments?

Network Vulnerability Assessment in Houston, TXWhen you take a superficial look at your network, you’re not going to be able to identify its security parameters off the bat. There are two easy ways to determine if your system has vulnerabilities that can be exploited: wait until it’s too late or perform a network vulnerability assessment.

A network vulnerability assessment is a process intended to determine whether your system network has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Once these vulnerabilities have been found and analyzed, a risk assessment can be formed that details how much of a danger these security issues pose to the integrity of your company. Some vulnerabilities are marginal and are easy to fix. Others can be theoretically disastrous and will take a lot more effort to rectify.

This is a single step in what generally amounts to an 8-step process. Your typical network vulnerability assessment will progress somewhat similar to this:

  1. Risk Identification and Analysis
  2. Vulnerability Scanning Policy Development
  3. Scan Type Identification
  4. Scan Configuration
  5. Performing the Scan
  6. Evaluate and Consider Potential Risks
  7. Scan Results Interpretation
  8. Remediation and Mitigation Plan

To make the process as simple as possible, our first step is identifying the potential risks that could threaten your system. Following that, policies and procedures are put in place to further help guide the assessment. We then determine what type of scan we’re running, such as a network vulnerability scan, configure it, and allow the scan to run its course.

After the scan has completed its work and effectively identified the present risks and vulnerabilities in your system, the results can then be weighed depending on their priority and importance. Having determined which vulnerabilities should be addressed first, our plans can then be mitigated to resolve these security issues.

Benefits of a Network Vulnerability Assessment

The full view of what a network vulnerability assessment accomplishes for your company can be boiled down to a single term: security. Your protection determines how reliable a company you are, making the safety of your information a top priority. Closing up vulnerable aspects of your network results in a few distinct benefits:

  • System Hardening
  • Compliance
  • Stronger Security

Broadleaf Group prides itself on our attention to detail, developing powerful network security and removing any weaknesses within its perimeter. A network vulnerability assessment in Houston, Texas can mean the difference between the holistic integrity of your organization or a ruined reputation. No customer wants to feel like their information is at risk. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.