Network Vulnerability Audits Houston, TX

How safe is your company? Really, if you had to look at it right now, how confident are you that your business meets the necessary level of compliance to be able to thwart, remediate, or recover from a cyberattack? The digital landscape is a shifting force, a competing ocean between obsolescence, progress, and the ever-growing challenge of overcoming potential threats. How much are you willing to bet your Network Vulnerability Audits Houston, TXnetwork is as impervious as you think it is if we threw the nastiest virus on the web at it? Performing a network vulnerability audit in Houston, TX will provide you with the insights and answers you need to have a clear handle on your company’s state of affairs.

Optimizing your network for stronger integrity, increased responsiveness, and improved resilience against cyberattacks starts with auditing your network. Broadleaf Group offers a comprehensive auditing service designed to pinpoint and prioritize the aspects of your network that necessitate the most attention. Resulting action plans deriving from these audits include adjusting cybersecurity training for team members, updating best practices and policies, and incorporating technology designed to reinforce and grow your network security.

What Happens When You Don’t Have Sufficient Protection?

Let’s examine a brief history of some of the most recent incidents that have resulted in massive data leaks, releasing personal, sensitive, and confidential information out into the internet to be scooped up by opportunistic cyber criminals. Any resulting catastrophic event that smashed the headlines resulted from insufficient cybersecurity measures, where vulnerabilities and gaps in a network led to viral intrusions with widespread malicious effects.

You’ll recognize most of these names. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is – you’re all at equal threat to potential attacks while participating in any and all online forums, platforms, and fields.

  • Marriott – In 2018, hundreds of millions of customer records were stolen by hackers.
  • Panera – Over the course of 8 months, over 37 million customer records were leaked.
  • Adobe – In 2013, 153 million user records were compromised, including stolen credit card information, username and logins, and customer names.
  • Equifax – July 29, 2017, over 147 million customers were exposed due to a network vulnerability.
  • LinkedIn – On two separate dates, in 2012 and 2016, LinkedIn released that over 165 million user accounts had their information being sold by a hacker.

These stories are not uncommon. They occur with frightening frequency, many times on much smaller scales than these. There’s always some measure of danger in the digital landscape, which is why complacency cannot be tolerated when it comes to the safety and security of your customers’ information.

What Broadleaf Does for You

You need to know the face of the beast before you tackle it. Broadleaf Group provides the network solutions you need for fully comprehending where your company needs to strengthen its security parameters. From audits to optimization to integrating technology designed to enhance and grow your capabilities, achieving the level of compliance necessary to put your customers at ease is a step away.

We pride ourselves on being the providers of the most comprehensive network vulnerability audits in Houston, TX. Our passion for security shines in every aspect of our organization, reflected in our drive to deliver the best results at the most cost-effective value. Give Broadleaf Group a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.