Secure Ethernet Switching

The world en masse has been gravitating toward wireless solutions for evolving their marketplace presence, amplifying products and services through the cloud. It makes sense, as the flexibility and versatility provided by wireless products has a tremendous impact on where and how your company’s operations can be utilized. However, sometimes, your daily operations need a reliable solution for connecting devices across your network, and as Secure Ethernet Switchingflexible as the cloud and wireless technology is, it’s not always the right fit for what your company needs. For those moments you need a hybrid solution to augment your infrastructure, secure ethernet switching tends to be the right choice.

Now that you’re looking at this option, there are several next steps to take. Which ethernet switches are the best fit for your infrastructure? What are the most affordable models? What needs to be done to integrate these switches with your LAN or WAN? Broadleaf Group provides an exhaustive list of services, covering every aspect of the process from A to Z on your behalf. Our decades of expertise and availability of best-in-class vendors provides access to the best hardware and services for your network on the market.

Why Choose Secure Ethernet Switching?

There’s no singular reason why ethernet switching is “better” than routers or wireless options. As with any network solution, the variables and factors informing every business decision widely differentiate between each company. Every corporate body contends with its own unique challenges, and resolving those challenges necessitate solutions intentionally geared to seamlessly integrate with their extant architecture.

When opting for secure ethernet switching, however, there are several benefits that any company can appreciate. Companies that have a large amount of devices chewing up bandwidth on their network may find overall performance degrade when using hubs, routers, or SD WAN solutions. Secure ethernet switching is designed to help improve connectivity and speed by directly linking several networked devices together through multiple ports.

Most companies use a combination of several different technological solutions to build their infrastructure rather than rely on any single option to connect their devices and networks into a single latticework. As part of this architecture, secure ethernet switching provides:

  • Reduction of network downtime
  • Improved network performance and increased available bandwidth on the network
  • Relieving strain on individual computing devices
  • Protecting the overall corporate network with more robust security
  • Lower IT capex and opex costs thanks to remote management and consolidated wiring
  • Right-sizing IT infrastructure and planning for future expansion using modular switches

Providing Value-Added Security

Ethernet switches have a long history, going back several decades to more rudimentary predecessors. These legacy products were functional for their time, but as the digital landscape evolved and demands grew, they failed to deliver on the level of performance and security needed to meet reasonable expectations.

Broadleaf Group has, since our inception, been dedicated to ensuring every product and service we offer is implemented from a security-centric mindset. With secure ethernet switching, companies are able to easily manage their wired connections from centralized, single pane consoles to easily review, analyze, and affect their network connectivity through flexible, scalable technology.

When implemented as an integral aspect of your company’s network, secure ethernet switching provides an enormous boost to your company’s speed, functionality, versatility, and security for all users using devices on your network. Broadleaf Group offers extensive services for choosing the right ethernet switch hardware and seamlessly implementing them with your network architecture. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.