Secure Wireless LAN

Wireless technology provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for daily company operations. Without being forced to rely solely on wired technologies, your workforce has the freedom to easily connect devices in a local area, offering collaborative channels between team members, Secure Wireless LANaccess to critical business applications, and reduced cost of ownership. However, if your teams lack the expertise to choose the right WLAN solutions, you may end up with a network that underperforms while increasing the burden of ownership on your company.

Thankfully, there are reliable partners available to provide value-added services on your behalf, ensuring you’re paired with best fit solutions without breaking the bank. Broadleaf Group, since our founding in 2005, has helped hundreds of companies optimize network architectures, manage IT services, upgrade security measures, and reinforce collaboration infrastructure. When considering our work with WLAN projects, what’s important to note is how vulnerable wireless technologies can be to external threats. Security, above all else, is an integral factor that Broadleaf Group excels in providing, ensuring every solution we provide keeps your company’s network safe, secure, and operating at optimal performance.

Increasing Network Performance

Wireless LAN is used to link nearby devices together through a combined network, providing faster accessibility to important applications and sharing capabilities between devices. They’re primarily used for smaller areas, such as a household, building, or campus, and provide access to the internet without requiring any wired connection. This allows users greater freedom of movement and connectivity distribution.

A few of the notable benefits for this particular network solution include:

  • Communication reliability
  • Workstation mobility
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Easy installation
  • High data rates
  • Economical

Wireless LAN is a fairly reliable method for quickly connecting employees for data sharing and controlled traffic through an easily managed console. However, by its very nature, wireless technology has inherent security issues that may pose a threat to any users interacting with your network. Therefore, taking the opportunity to implement a secure wireless LAN is imperative for protecting your company’s data, devices, and productivity.

Effectively Secure Your Wireless LAN

Any wireless technology poses an increased security risk to your data as compared to their wired alternatives due to accessibility. Potential intruders have an easier time connecting to your network, either in-person or through malware or backdoors. There are various preventative measures that can safeguard your network integrity, but our best suggestion is to leverage the expertise of a company with extensive experience providing high quality network security solutions.

Broadleaf Group employs a highly qualified workforce for optimizing WLAN infrastructures, including providing extensive security measures designed to accommodate your unique environment. Our solutions experts are capable of providing a wide variety of specialized services, including:

  • LAN/WAN design and deployment
  • Wireless design and deployment for indoor, outdoor, and difficult RF environments
  • WAN optimization for data center replication and branch office needs
  • VPN – site-to-site, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, DMVPN

Whether you need assistance implementing a brand-new WLAN infrastructure or require supplementary services for improving security parameters, Broadleaf Group is there to lend a hand.

Wireless technology is among one of the greatest inventions since the advent of the internet. Easy access to troves of information on the digital landscape and fast, secure connectivity between devices has evolved how modern office space can function. All that means is that having a secure wireless LAN is all the more important for your company’s success and reputation. Give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.