SonicWall Authorized Resellers

No organization is ever truly safe from hackers, malware, and other cyber threats. Working with SonicWall authorized resellers like Broadleaf Group puts a reliable, trained VAR in your corner that can consult and provide implementation and deployment services that give your network an effective security posture.

SonicWall Authorized ResellersBroadleaf Group started as a security solutions provider. We know better than anyone how important one’s infrastructure is. Any amount of data that’s stored in your data center is something given in confidence, and any failure to guarantee the safety of that information is a reflection on your organization’s competence and character. Take the proactive approach and get out ahead of an impending disaster by investing in your cybersecurity. Our approach is simple: do it once, do it right, make it last. Security has always been a driving factor for our company’s success, and that dedication is something we prove to our clients repeatedly.

Securing Your Network

The resources at your disposal need security solutions tailored to your needs. These solutions need to be cost-effective, meaning they’re easy to deploy and integrate while offering a broad venue of customizable options, such as protecting SaaS applications, API-based cloud security, SD-WAN, and more. Broadleaf Group’s network services will help your executives and team leads make informed choices about your infrastructure needs.

Secure SD-WAN

Network internet access has its choice of channels to work through for optimal utilization: MPLS, Ethernet, DSL, LTE, Broadband, etc. SonicWall’s SD-WAN solution simplifies and optimizes bandwidth for better results and availability. Not only are channels more manageable and secure through SonicWall, but traffic can also be monitored and directed for smoother, enhanced network performance.

SaaS Security

SonicWall Cloud App Security leverages machine learning technologies to prevent unauthorized access to your IT environment, protecting your network, employees, and customer from threats including:

  • Phishing
  • Data leaks
  • Identity fraud
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Account takeover

SonicWall uses an intuitive, API-based approach that yields better security, enhanced user experiences, and improved workflows by unifying security protocols across your attack surface.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security

Public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting platforms need familiar and reliable security solutions to preserve the integrity of your data and company productivity. SonicWall provides high-impact security measures to provide end-to-end protection for your network across any platform, offering system resiliency, service reliability, and regulatory conformance. Proactively blocking cyber threats and compiling in-depth information reports based on comprehensive threat analytics are invaluable for IT security.

Mobile Access

No matter where your teams are located, SonicWall’s mobile app keeps them in touch and informed on all activity across your network. Immediate, convenient security access enables teams to provide rapid-response and stay in contact with their peers, accelerating planning, identification, and remediation tactics.

SonicWall has everything you need to batten down the hatches on your network. As a certified SonicWall authorized reseller, choosing to work with Broadleaf Group can help make the integration process all the more manageable. If you’re interested in a partnership, give us a call at 800-615-0866, or contact us online for a consultation.